Department of Physics and Astronomy
2015 - 2016
Assignment Responsibilities Responsible Person
Associate Department Head Assists the Department Head with various aspects of departmental  administration. Marianne Breinig, Kate Jones
Astronomy outreach and planetarium use Make presentations on astronomy and related topics to schools and civic organizations; astronomy observations for general education courses and the public Paul Lewis, Sean Lindsay
Building Representative Departmental contact concerning physics space issues Jim Parks, Kate Jones, Ricky Huffstettler
College Curriculum Committee: natural sciences divison Development and review of college curriculum Jon Levin
College Promotion and Tenure Committee Advise the Dean on tenure and promotion Mike Guidry
Colloquia Be responsible for organizing, implementing, and coordinating departmental colloquia Tony Mezzacappa (Fall),                         Jaan Mannik (Spring)
Commencement - Fall 2015 Participate in the commencement ceremonies as arranged by the university and the college  Jon Levin, Raph Hix, Lucas Platter
Commencement - Spring 2016 Participate in the commencement ceremonies as arranged by the university and the college  Yuri Efremenko, Jaan Mannik, Andrew Steiner
Dean's Advisory Council Serve as the Department of Physics and Astronomy's representative to the Dean's Advisory Council for the College of Arts and Sciences Adriana Moreo
Dean's Student Advisory Council Serve as the Department's representative(s) to the Dean's Student Advisory Council. tbd.
Director of Graduate Program Coordinate the activities of the committees on graduate affairs; graduate studies, graduate recruitment, graduate admissions, graduate student progress, and graduate student liaison brochure, qualifying examination. Marianne Breinig
Diversity Officer Advise the Head with regard to promoting a diverse and inclusive work environment. Soren Sorensen
Environmental Health and Safety Monitor chemical storage and safety, hazardous waste disposal; inform faculty & staff of chemical hazards and procedures for waste disposal UG Laboratory Director
Faculty Senate Members of the Faculty Senate Marianne Breinig, Soren Sorensen, George Siopsis
GTA Workshop Organize and coordinate the GTA workshop for August 2016 Kate Jones
Graduate Admissions Be responsible for receiving, organizing, and initial ranking of graduate applications for admission Marianne Breinig
Graduate Council Represent the department on UTK's Graduate Council tbd.
Graduate research participation seminar-P599 Responsible for this seminar 2015 Fall - Steve Johnston
Honors Day Organize Honors Day program, select speaker, guide process to choose award winners  Catherine Longmire, Kate Jones, Chrisanne Romeo, Hanno Weitering
Honors Liaison Departmental representative for the University Honors Program Jon Levin
Inventory Be responsible for inventory of equipment Business office
Library Representative Represent the department's book and journal needs to the library Mike Guidry
Scholarly Communication Committee Represent the department on the Library's Scholarly Communication Committee Mike Guidry
Ph.D. Qualifying Exams Organize Ph.D. Qualifying Exam committees and maintain responsibility for exam process Marianne Breinig
Placement Exams and Graduate Advising Administer and evaluate placement exams for new graduate students Ken Read
Publications Coordinator Be responsible for departmental newsletter, brochure, homepage, recruitment, and handbook materials Catherine Longmire
Qualifying Exam AY15/16 Develop and grade the two annual Qualifying Exams for the Doctoral Program (August 2015 & January 2016) Marianne Breinig (chair), Norman Mannella, Kate Jones, Stefan Spanier, Steve Johnston, Nadia Fomin, George Siopsis, Thomas Papenbrock
Qualifying Exam AY16/17 Develop and grade the two annual Qualifying Exams for the Doctoral Program (August 2016 & January 2017) Marianne Breinig (chair), Adolfo Eguiluz, Mike Guidry, Tom Handler, Lloyd Davis, Tony Mezzacappa, Andrew Steiner, Lucas Platter
Radiation Safety Monitor and report usage and/or transport of radioactive materials UG Laboratory Director
Research Council Represent the department on UTK's Research Council tbd.
Seminars in Nuclear Physics-P599 Responsible for this seminar 2015 Fall -  Robert Grzywacz                                    2016 Spring - Kate Jones
Seminars in Condensed Matter Physics-P599 Responsible for this seminar 2015 Fall -    Hanno Weitering                                      2016 Spring - Steve Johnston
Seminars in High energy and Astrophysics-P599 Responsible for this seminar 2015 Fall -  Andrew Steiner                                     2016 Spring -
Society of Physics Students Advisor Work with officers of SPS, select members for Sigma Pi Sigma, and coordinate activities of Sigma Pi Sigma Jon Levin
Surplusing Be responsible for disposal of equipment and clearing inventory records Brad Gardner and Paul Lewis
Undergraduate Council Represent the department on UTK's Undergraduate Council tbd.