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The 2011 Workshop on Lepton and Baryon Number Violation was held in Gatlinburg, in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee (USA) September 22-24.

The Conference Hotel was the Edgewater. Please note: the Edgewater is experiencing some glitches in their online reservation system and shows no rooms available, which is incorrect. If you experience any problems with reserving a room, please call the hotel directly at 1-800-423-9582.

Scope of Workshop

Baryon and Lepton number violation has become an integral part of the current discussions of physics beyond the standard model, specifically in connection with understanding the nature of neutrinos, origin of matter in the Universe as well as possible grand unification of matter and forces. The goal of the 3-rd International workshop in this series is to have a comprehensive discussion of the baryon and lepton violating processes including nucleon decay, neutron oscillation, neutrinoless double beta decay and closely related issues such as origin of matter, baryo- and leptogenesis, grand unification, nuclear physics related to these processes, and possible manifestations of B, L, and B-L violation in observables at LHC or future colliders. New generation of nucleon decay, neutron oscillations, and neutrinoless double beta decay high-sensitivity experiments proposed in the framework of DUSEL and underground laboratories in Europe, in Japan, and in other countries might help to throw the light on the direction of new physics beyond the standard model and supplement the knowledge gained from imminent collider experiments. Workshop will address experimental, theoretical, and cosmological issues in the search for B and L violations.