Updated January 2009

The purpose of JUSTIPEN is to deliver an international venue for research on the physics of nuclei during an era of experimental investigations on rare isotopes. The JUSTIPEN program is intended to primarily fund travel grants for research scientists, post-doctoral fellows, and students whose current primary institutional affiliation is with a U.S. university, national laboratory, or other research center. The JUSTIPEN board of directors has set forth several policies in order to facilitate JUSTIPEN’s purpose.

  1. U.S. scientists seeking to visit JUSTIPEN should fill out the application form as posted on the web. The applications will be discussed by the board of Directors on a monthly basis. Decisions on acceptance of the application will be made in a timely manner. To facilitate planning, application should be made early.
  2. The JUSTIPEN grant will cover round-trip travel (coach fares) from the U.S. to Japan, train and subway travel between Narita airport and Waco (the location of RIKEN).
  3. The U.S. grant will pay for housing at the RIKEN Guest Houses. This housing is also subsidized through RIKEN and the University of Tokyo. A flat per diem of $65.00/day will be paid to all travelers. JUSTIPEN will also pay for hotel lodging at other cites visited at up to $91.00/day.
  4. Housing in RIKEN needs to be arranged 2 months prior to the start of the visit to JUSTIPEN. Travelers should contact the Japanese Coordinator for RIKEN housing arrangements.
  5. Travelers should plan to spend at least 50% of their time in RIKEN. Office space and computer hookups (for laptops) are available. If funds are available through JUSTIPEN, the traveler may visit one other site outside Tokyo during his trip. JUSTIPEN would continue to pay for local expenses at sites other than RIKEN (up to $91.00/day hotel in addition to the $65.00/day per diem).
  6. Travelers should contact the U.S. Coordinator concerning reimbursements. Travelers are responsible for their own travel arrangements. All travel and train receipts should be sent to the U.S. Coordinator for reimbursement.
  7. Travelers are expected to write a 1 page exit report describing their work in Japan. This information will help us track JUSTIPEN’s success. The report should be sent with travel receipts to the U.S. Coordinator.
  8. JUSTIPEN’s web site will be used to advertise Japanese and U.S. post-doctoral opportunities as well as Japanese and U.S. conferences and schools in the area of physics with exotic nuclei.
  9. While JUSTIPEN cannot fund workshop travel, it can entertain proposals for funding of small collaboration meetings at JUSTIPEN to discuss ‘hot topics’ relevant to the RIBF experimental program or to highly topical discussions with Japanese colleagues.
  10. The University of Tokyo and RIKEN will supply funding for Japanese colleagues to visit RIKEN when their American colleagues are present.
  11. JUSTIPEN support should be acknowledged in publications resulting from visits to or work at JUSTIPEN. The phrase: “this work was supported partially through JUSTIPEN (Japan-U.S. Theory Institute for Physics with Exotic Nuclei) under grant number DEFG02- 06ER41407 (U. Tennessee),” or something similar should be used for this purpose.


Japan Coordinator: Naoyuki Itagaki, itagaki@phys.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp

U.S. Coordinator: Sherry Lamb, lambsm@ornl.gov