Subject: [faculty] Annual Evaluation of Physics Faculty and Teachers. Deadline: February 4
From: "Soren P. Sorensen"
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2007 16:07:57 -0400
To: "Physics Faculty"

[faculty] Annual Evaluation of Physics Faculty and Teachers. Deadline: February 4

To         Physics Department Faculty and Teachers
 From       Soren
Subject    Annual Evaluation of Physics Faculty and Teachers

The spring semester will start tomorrow and it is therefore the time of year
where you will have to report on all the great accomplishments you had in
2006. Last year the deadline for your report had to be moved up to early
February, since our deadline for submitting workload forms and evaluations
to the College was moved up to March 1. I expect that will be the same this
year, so I have to set your deadline to Sunday, February 4, 2007 (sorry!).

According to our Department's bylaws each faculty member (tenured, tenure
track, Joint Faculty and distinguished scientists) must submit a report to
the department detailing:

      * Papers published in refereed journal
      * Books published
      * Success in competitive funding/external funding support
      * Invited talks at meetings and conferences by the faculty member
             or the graduate students or postdocs working directly
             for him or her
      * Major prizes and honors
      * Professional recognition/important national committees and boards
      * Activities in teaching (including graduate student supervision)
      * Public service
      * Departmental and University service

It is PARTICULARLY IMPORTANT that you provide input in the table on Annual
Accomplishments. It makes it so much easier for me to understand and
appreciate your work, if you actually explain to me in words what you have
done in 2006 instead of just relying on the titles of your papers and talks.

If your salary is determined by the department (Instructors, Lecturers,
some Research Associates who are teaching etc.) you will also need to
update your database entry if you want to be considered for any
potential merit salary increase. The philosophy is simple: If you don't
report what you have been doing, you can not receive any merit raise.

Like previous years all information concerning your performance will
have to be entered in our PAD database system

or you can access it from our internal web page

and follow the link: Departmental Faculty Information Database

Explanations for how to log into the system can be found at the end of
this message. Once you are in the system there are extensive help features.

If you are a probationary faculty member, you have already updated your
entries in PAD in connection with your tenure/retention review in the fall
semester, and you might not have to do anything now. Or you might want to
insert any new information since your last update.

This report is due February 4. Please remember that if you do not update
your PAD records I will have no formal information to perform the
evaluation with and your evaluation will be accordingly. Please also
remember that there is a strong correlation between your annual
performance as indicated in the PAD database and the merit raises I can
assign to you (whenever merit raise funds are available).

In addition to updating the records, as explained above, you also have
the option to schedule a meeting with me before February 16 to discuss your
performance. If you wish to do so, please schedule the meeting through
Pam. A prerequisite for the meeting is that your PAD records have been
fully updated at least 2 days before the meeting, so I can become
acquainted with your accomplishments before the meeting.

Based on your PAD report I will then perform the annual evaluation
during February. Before the performance evaluation is submitted to
the College it will as usual be made available to you for your signature. If
needed, you can also at that time submit a rebuttal.

To summarize:

      * Please update/insert your PAD entry by Sunday, February 4, 2007
      * If needed, meet with me before February 16, 2006

Soren P. Sorensen   Department of Physics
Professor and Head  University of Tennessee
(865) 974-7805      Knoxville, TN 37996-1200