Subject: [faculty] Minimum Annual Salary for Physics Graduate Students: $16,500
From: "Soren P. Sorensen"
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 13:36:25 -0400
To: "Physics Faculty"

[faculty] Minimum Annual Salary for Physics Graduate Students: $16,500

To       PIs in Physics
 From     Soren
Subject  Minimum Annual Salary for Physics Graduate Students: $16,500

The Department of Physics have now finally received funds from the
University that will allow us to obtain a goal we have been working
towards for several years. The base salary for all Teaching Assistants
will be $16,500 starting retroactively from February 1, 2006. A few
select TAs will earn more based on salary additions coming from
endowments, departmental funds etc. Please do not yet discuss this with
the graduate students, since Pam still needs to do a lot of paperwork
before we officially can announce this to the students.

It will in my opinion not be seasonable to force some students to work
for less than $16,500 when they move from a full TA to either a full RA
or a 50% RA/50% TA. The Department of Physics will therefore aim towards
  enforcing a minimum annual salary for all TAs and/or RAs within the
department of $16,500. Some good students will make more and some really
good ones will make much more.

A few RAs make less than this salary and I am therefore suggesting that
their salary will be increased to $16,500 on an annual basis as of Feb
1, 2006. Furthermore, so TA/RAs will need to get the RA portion of their
salary increased so the total salary is at least $16,500.

If this poses unreasonable hardship on your research grant, please
contact me as soon as possible. If you can convince me that you will
have to declare bankruptcy if you have to pay your RAs this higher rate,
I will try to find funds to cover the salary increase for a period of 6
or 12 months.

Please note, that the minimum annual salary will be adjusted once a year (typically in July or August).

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