Subject: PIs in Physics: read this email
From: Archive
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2007 11:27:16 -0400
To: Physics Faculty

To        UT Physics Faculty (and in particular to ALL Principal Investigators)
From      Soren
Subject   Monthly review by the PIs of ledgers for research accounts

Thanks to the efforts of our Business Manager, Mike Roach, the Department of Physics will start a stronger monthly review and reconciliation procedure for all our research accounts. The purpose is two fold: first of all this will bring us in compliance with University policies, and secondly it will ensure that y'all spend at least 5-10 minutes each months going over your research finances. Most of you already do that, but unfortunately we know from hard-earned experiences that a few of you don't always pay as much attention to these pesky financial details as you should :-).

Mike Roach will email you each month when the ledgers and summary are available.  After you review the ledgers, simply indicate approval or questions by replying to the email.  The monthly notification from Mike will be designed to facilitate this process.

If you do not know how to read the pertinent information off the ledgers and/or from Mike's summary print-out, please do not hesitate to come by his office and he will teach you. One thing is for sure: a) claiming ignorance or b) that the ledgers are too difficult to understand or c) that your research is too important for you to be bothered with worrying about trivial details like money, will not cut it. The PI is responsible for the finances on the research contract!

Below you will find the more formal writeup of a memo describing this monthly procedure and, in particular, the division of responsibility between the PI and the Physics Business Office.



University of Tennessee Department of Physics and Astronomy

Procedures for Reconciling and Reviewing Departmental Ledger

Mike Roach and Soren Sorensen

May 25, 2007


It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator (PI) to ensure that the monthly sponsored project ledgers are accurate and that charges are appropriate under the approved project budget.  To help facilitate this process, the business office performs basic reconciliation procedures that assure the PI that sufficient documentation is in place for operating expenditures (invoices, transfer vouchers, etc.).  The division of responsibilities between the Business Office and the PI is described below:


Business Office


Principal Investigator

It is University policy that these procedures are performed each month.  Please contact the Business Manager with questions, requests for information, and/or requests to view supporting documentation on file.

Soren P. Sorensen   Department of Physics
Professor and Head  University of Tennessee
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