Subject: Move from Ayres Hall
From: "Soren P. Sorensen"
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2008 13:47:02 -0400
To: Physics Faculty , Physics-staff , Physics research-staff , Physics Graduate Students

To          UT Physics
From      Soren
Subject   Move from Ayres Hall

In  the previous email I discussed the new space allocations for our department. This email will briefly discuss some of the issues related to the actual move from Ayres into Nielsen, SERF, and South College, and the additional reallocations necessitated as a result of the move from Ayres.

First of all: Jim Parks will be in charge of all aspects of this move, so please discuss any issues related to the move with him. However, if you have issues with the actual space you or your group has been allocated, you will need to discuss it with me. This move is a big operation and Jim Parks and his assistants will eventually be able to help all of you, but do not necessarily expect that he will be able to throw whatever he has in has hands and solve your problem within 5 minutes :-)

The main points of the plan for moving out of Ayres Hall are:
  1. October 27:  Trash & Recycle Bins will be placed on the floors for faculty and staff to get rid of stuff that needs to be thrown out
  2. November 3:   Boxes and Tape will be provided for persons to pack their things ready for the movers
  3. November 26:  Information regarding what is needed for the move by the movers is needed to be submitted to Denny Littlejohn
  4. November 28:  A Key Plan needs to be submitted for any needed keys for persons moving to a new location
  5. December 12:  Items to be moved by the movers should be boxed up and furniture to be moved identified..
  6. December 15:  Movers will move items to be moved from old offices to new offices
  7. December 18:  Surplused equipment from Ayres will be available for others to use
  8. December 19:  Unmoved and unremoved equipment will be sent to surplus sales and salvage
  10. January 20:  Demolition of the building will begin.
In order for us to meet these deadlines, Jim and I have decided that all physics faculty in Ayres Hall should aim for being ready to have their items moved by Friday, December 5. Prior to that date, Jim will work with several of the people in Nielsen to organize their moves. He will discuss it with each of these people.

In addition to the Ayres Hall move there are also special circumstances related to the move of Ward Plummer to LSU. Ward will officially be part of LSU from January 1, 2009, but in praxis he will probably not be able to move all his equipment and office items before 1-2 months into 2009. This will necessitate some temporary  arrangements for several faculty members, who will move into Ward's space. I will discuss this with each of them individually.


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