Subject: Revised College rules for support of Faculty international travel and travel for professional scholarly presentations by undergraduate and graduate students
From: "Dunne, William M"
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2007 18:39:45 -0400
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Greetings Folks,

            This email is a follow-up to the announcement at the Department Heads meeting today.  Again, let me thank Jeff Becker, Scott Frey, Andy Kramer, Paul Lee and David Tandy for their help with these revisions (I still remain the responsible party for all complaints!).


Below are the revised policies:


Faculty International Travel:

1) The College will support up to $750 in travel costs per request per faculty member to an international meeting.  As before, this support is normally only available to a faculty member (lecturers have been supported when a department can demonstrate benefit to a department) once per fiscal year; and the faculty member must be making a presentation at the meeting.


2) Faculty members should include all appropriate estimated costs (travel, hotel, per diem) in their requests for funding, but should only claim reimbursement on the basis of actual costs, particularly with respect to per diem.  Department heads are asked to provide oversight on this practice. 


3) As a pilot, the Humanities Initiative will review requests prior to submission to College office by faculty members in the humanities for the purpose of assuring that the requests are for appropriate international venues that will bring the desired recognition to the faculty member and the University.



Student Travel for Research Presentations

1) The College will continue to contribute to appropriate requests for support of graduate student travel for giving presentations at major disciplinary and interdisciplinary meetings that are to be considered by the Graduate Student Senate (GSS).


2) Additionally, the College will also support appropriate requests from graduate and undergraduate students for travel to give presentations at major disciplinary and interdisciplinary meetings that are NOT to be considered by the Graduate Student Senate.  These requests do NOT have to be submitted at the time of the GSS requests, but may be submitted throughout the year.


3) In both cases, departmental financial support is required by the College, the College will provide $100 of support for approved requests, and a student may be supported by the College once per year.  There is no cap as to the number of years that a student may submit a request, as long as they are making appropriate academic progress, their request is financially supported by the department, and the proposed travel is appropriate.  All requests from graduate and undergraduate students should be made using the form for travel support that is available at the webpage for the Graduate Student Senate.




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