Subject: Students traveling abroad
From: "Soren P. Sorensen"
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 15:16:17 -0400
To: Physics Faculty
CC: "Don Richard Cox"

To UT Physics Faculty,

Please read the memo from Don Cox below concerning students who travel and/or study abroad. The bottom line is that if a student's travel is NOT covered by a travel authorization (which is usually the case in Physics) then you need to register the students travel with the Center for International Education (CIE).

If you don't either get a TA or register the student with CIE you can get in A LOT OF TROUBLE if something happens to the student.

Cheers, Soren

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Subject:     Please circulate to all faculty
Date:     Wed, 17 Oct 2007 16:29:06 -0400
From:     Cox, Don Richard Dr <>


Let me remind you that ALL students who study abroad (and receive UT
credit) must be registered with CIE, just as all faculty who conduct
courses abroad (or carry out activities for which students are granted
credit) must fill out paperwork and be approved by CIE.

We know that there are some faculty working with students who do not
report this activity.  The reason most often given for this omission is
that by not reporting the activity the students save a small fee.
Please trust me when I say that the liability issues alone far offset
the cost of the CIE fee.

Traveling abroad is an enriching, rewarding experience for faculty and
students.  It is rarely anything but positive.  Unfortunately, however,
there are also risks involved in international travel.   Tragically,
there have been recent situations in which UT students were injured, or
even lost their lives while studying abroad.  It is very difficult to
explain to a distraught parent (or spouse) that the “UT sponsored” trip
their student was engaged in was not authorized by the University, or
that CIE was not even aware of its existence.

If a student is traveling overseas and receiving UT credit for that
experience, that student should be registered with CIE.  If a faculty
member is supervising credit for overseas work (whether the faculty
member leaves the country or not), that faculty member should inform CIE
of the circumstances involved in the granting of this credit.

Students can register with CIE by downloading the biographical and
emergency contact information from their website

and submitting it to the Programs Abroad Office, 1620 Melrose Avenue.


Don Richard Cox, Executive Associate Dean

College of Arts and Sciences, 26 Alumni Memorial Bldg.

University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 37996-1320

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Soren P. Sorensen   Department of Physics
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