Subject: [faculty] Travel packages
From: "Hutchins, Judy K"
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008 09:43:08 -0500
To: "faculty" , ,

Good morning to all


Many of you are going online and purchasing travel packages.  This is OK if you go by UT policy for getting a receipt for lodging, taxes and whatever else on the receipt separate.  This is what the policy has to say and please follow it.


Packages deals on line


Policy #78.


Several Internet sites are now offering travel packages that are designed to reduce the overall cost of travel.  Many of these packages include the cost of the airline ticket, lodging, and/or automobile rentals.  The will reimburse employees when a travel package is purchased to obtain the best overall cost for a trip.  However, the package must not contain any expenses not covered by fiscal policy, and first-class airfare, or any lodging or meal allowances that exceed the per diem for the location of travel.  Either an itemized receipt, statement from the vendor, or TRAVEL PACKAGE ITEMIZATION (FORM T-40) must be proved for documentation for the expenses covered by the package.


            a.         The preferred receipt is an itemized receipt or statement from the vendor.  The itemized receipt or statement must contain the name of the traveler, the items covered in the package, the cost for each item in the package and the beginning and ending dates.


            b.         In the event an itemized receipt cannot be obtained a TRAVEL PACKAGE ITEMIZATION FORM and a copy of the online receipt must be completed and attached to the request for reimbursement.  The information must represent the traveler’s best costs estimate of the cost for each item.


This is a very important policy that has to be followed by everyone.  Please go online to read the complete University of Tennessee System policy fiscal.  If I can help you understand any of this policy please call me.


Have a great day