Subject: [grads] Usage rules for the Graduate Student List Server
From: "Soren P. Sorensen"
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2006 15:50:19 -0400
To: "Physics Graduate Students"
CC: "Breinig, Marianne" , "Parks, James E" , "Joyce Satterfield"

[grads] Usage rules for the Graduate Student List Server

To       UT Physics Graduate Students
 From     Soren
Subject  Usage rules for the Graduate Student List Server

Due to recent activities on the Graduate Student List Server (GSLS) in the
Department of Physics and Astronomy, I have felt the need to clarify the
appropriate usage rules for this list:

1.      The purpose of the Graduate Students List Server is to facilitate the
professional life of the graduate students within the Department of Physics.

2.      The GSLS is used by the department to communicate essential information
to all graduate students. Graduate students are therefore required to be
members of the list.
3.      The GSLS can also be used by the physics graduate students to communicate
issues related to their professional life as graduate students within the
department. Examples of appropriate usage are: announcements of arrangements
for physics graduate students like sports arrangements, social meetings open
to all graduate physics students, announcements of sale or lease of items of
interest primarily for students, meetings related to physics or studies
activities, etc. etc.

4.      The GSLS is not intended to be used for political or other
non-professional activities of the physics graduate students.
5.      The Department of Physics strongly prefers to keep the list open for
submission of emails from all list members. However, should any list member
repeatedly or flagrantly violate the appropriate usage of the GSLS, the
Department reserves the right to revoke the send privilege to the list for
that list member.

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