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BOOKS: Astronomy Today (Seventh Edition)
Vol. 1 The Solar System with Mastering Astronomy

by Eric Chaisson and Steve McMillan


  Turning Point Clicker (UTK Bookstore)
[for attendence and in lecture questions]
Mastering Astronomy Website
[for online homework]

Online Journey  Astronomy: The Solar System by Michael Guidry, Margaret Riedinger and Frank Edward Barnes (Student Companion)
[Available online free (text only) through UTK Library Electronic Course Reserves) 


Subject Matter:  Introduction to Astronomy and Study of the Solar System
Chapter  1 Charting the Heavens   Chapter  9 Venus
Chapter  2 The Copernican Revolution  Chapter 10 Mars
Chapter  3 Radiation Chapter 11 Jupiter
Chapter  4 Spectroscopy Chapter 12 Saturn
Chapter  5 Telescopes  Chapter 13 Uranus, Neptune and Pluto
Chapter  6 The Solar System Chapter 14 Solar System Debris
Chapter  7 Earth Chapter 15 The Formation of Planetary Systems
Chapter  8 The Moon and Mercury Chapter 28 Life in the Universe

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