Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Advance_plotAdvance_plot class for plotting complicated spectra
calibrationVector to hold all channel calibrations
chan_eventA channel event
Correlation_structureClass used for correlation array
CorrelatorCorrelate decays with previous implants
detector_driverDetector_driver controls event processing
detector_summarySummary of all channels of one detector type
DssdDssd class defines dssd plotting
evtClass used to retrieve raw data
GeGe class defines ge plotting
identifierChannel identification
IdssdImplant front dssd class
McpMcp class handles position sensitive mcp
PositionPosition class for MSU experiment
raweventThe all important rawevent
RootfileInterface with ROOT capability
SiSilicon detector class
TimeClassClass defined for tac detectors
TraceQuick online trace analysis
xObsolete structure for linked list sorting

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