Dssd Class Reference

Dssd class defines dssd plotting. More...

#include <dssd_sub.h>

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Public Member Functions

int init ()
void dssdplot (rawevent &, detector_summary &, detector_summary &, string &)
 Dssd ()

Detailed Description

Dssd class defines dssd plotting.

Currently, the Dssd class only defines how to initializae itself and how to plot various Dssd related spectra including 741, 742, 743, and 744.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Dssd::Dssd (  ) 

Dssd constructor currently does nothing

Member Function Documentation

int Dssd::init (  ) 

Dssd initialization currently does nothing

void Dssd::dssdplot ( rawevent revt,
detector_summary pdet_front,
detector_summary pdet_back,
string &  type 

dssdplot controls the filling of Dssd realted histograms and includes the implant and decay strip vs energy plots (741, 742, 743, 744) and the implant and decay profile spectra 725 and 726. The function receives the event (revt), the event type, and the detector summary for the front and back of the DSSD (pdet_front and pdet_back).

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