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Ge class defines ge plotting. More...

#include <ge.h>

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Public Member Functions

int init ()
int geplot (rawevent &)
void construct_addback (double &, int &, string &)
 Ge ()

Private Attributes

int cloverchans
unsigned int cloverval
vector< double > clover_energy
int chanperclover

Detailed Description

Ge class defines ge plotting.

The Ge class defines how to construct and initialize itself and how to plot gamma ray spectra. Eventually, addback spectra will be implemented.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Ge::Ge (  ) 

Ge class constructor does nothing.

Member Function Documentation

int Ge::init (  ) 

Initialize the Ge class. Read in the map.txt file to determine the total number of clover detectors used in the analysis. Make sure that the number is divisible by four since clovers all have four channels.

int Ge::geplot ( rawevent revt  ) 

Ge class plotting function. Receives an event from the detector_driver class and plots ge spectra gated on either correlated implants or decays. Eventually addback function needs to be completed.

void Ge::construct_addback ( double &  cal_energy,
int &  det_loc,
string &  det_subtype 

Simple clover addback, routine is not complete, do not use

Member Data Documentation

int Ge::cloverchans [private]

number of clover channels

unsigned int Ge::cloverval [private]

currently unsed variable

vector<double> Ge::clover_energy [private]

array to help with addback calc

int Ge::chanperclover [private]

number of channels per clover

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