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mcp class handles position sensitive mcp More...

#include <mcp.h>

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Public Member Functions

int init ()
int mcppos (rawevent &)
void mcpplot (rawevent &)
 Mcp ()

Private Attributes

double qtotal
double qleft
double qright
double qtop
double qbottom
double xpos
double ypos
int mmult

Detailed Description

mcp class handles position sensitive mcp

Mcp class takes the signals from the mcp detector and calculates a 2D position based on the readout of the mcp from the four corners of the detector. A plotting function is also defined.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Mcp::Mcp (  ) 

Nothing to do in the Mcp constructor

Member Function Documentation

int Mcp::init (  ) 

In Mcp initialization all numerical values are set to 0.

int Mcp::mcppos ( rawevent revt  ) 

The position of the event in the mcp is calculated using the energy signals from the top, bottom, left, and right side of the detector.

void Mcp::mcpplot ( rawevent revt  ) 

plots the mcp spectra 921, 922, and 923 showing the horizontal, vertical, and 2D position information from the mcp.

Member Data Documentation

double Mcp::qtotal [private]

Total mcp energy

double Mcp::qleft [private]

mcp left energy

double Mcp::qright [private]

mcp right energy

double Mcp::qtop [private]

mcp right energy

double Mcp::qbottom [private]

mcp bottom energy

double Mcp::xpos [private]

horizontal mcp position

double Mcp::ypos [private]

vertical mcp position

int Mcp::mmult [private]

mcp multiplicity

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