TimeClass Class Reference

class defined for tac detectors More...

#include <timeclass.h>

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Public Member Functions

int init ()
int tofcorr (rawevent &, detector_summary *, double &)
 TimeClass ()

Detailed Description

class defined for tac detectors

TimeClass is used for tac detectors and was used for the time of flight correction in the MSU fragmentation experiment.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TimeClass::TimeClass (  ) 

TimeClass constructor currently does nothing

Member Function Documentation

int TimeClass::init (  ) 

TimeClass initialization currently does nothing

int TimeClass::tofcorr ( rawevent revt,
detector_summary det_sum,
double &  poscorr 

Correct the tof signals according to the ions position at image2 for fragmentation experiments at MSU The event, time detector summary, and possition correction are passed from the detector driver function.

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