evt Class Reference

class used to retrieve raw data More...

#include <event_structure.h>

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Public Member Functions

evtoperator= (const evt &rhs)
int operator== (const evt &rhs) const
int operator< (const evt &rhs) const

Public Attributes

double time64
unsigned long E_Addr
unsigned long T_Trigg_Addr
unsigned long T_Event_Addr [2]
unsigned long T_Buf_Addr [3]
unsigned long ModNum_Addr
unsigned long Hit_Addr
unsigned long Chan_Addr
unsigned long T_Hdr_Addr [3]
unsigned short Marker
unsigned short Event_Num
unsigned short Tr_Length
unsigned short Trace [10000]

Detailed Description

class used to retrieve raw data

This class is filled for every channel and a pointer is placed into the eventlist vector defined in pixie_std.cpp. The eventlist vector is then sorted based on the event times contained in the individual evt objects.

Member Function Documentation

evt & evt::operator= ( const evt rhs  ) 

Need to define "=" operator for an evt object.

int evt::operator== ( const evt rhs  )  const

Need to define "==" operator to enable a test for equivalence of to evt objects.

int evt::operator< ( const evt rhs  )  const

Need to define "<" operator to enable comparison between two evt objects. (Not used ?)

Member Data Documentation

double evt::time64

channel event time, 64bit word

unsigned long evt::E_Addr

channel energy

unsigned long evt::T_Trigg_Addr

channel time, 32 bit

unsigned long evt::T_Event_Addr[2]

channel event time, two 32 bit words

unsigned long evt::T_Buf_Addr[3]


unsigned long evt::ModNum_Addr

channel module number

unsigned long evt::Hit_Addr


unsigned long evt::Chan_Addr

channel number

unsigned long evt::T_Hdr_Addr[3]


unsigned short evt::Marker


unsigned short evt::Event_Num

channel event number

unsigned short evt::Tr_Length

channel trace length

unsigned short evt::Trace[10000]

channel trace

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