This section provides a list of warnings that appear throughout both the users manual and reference manual. If you can not determine why something has either failed or produced incorrect results look at the list of warnings to see if it has been mentioned.

All combinations of module and channel number must be included in the map.txt file

All channels defined in map.txt must have a corresponding calibration.

C++ index numbering starts at 0 not at 1 as in FORTRAN. Let me repeat since this causes many problems if forgotten. C++ indexing numbering starts at 0 not at 1 as in FORTRAN.

If you are not using ROOT then the flags USEROOT and STANDALONEROOT should be commented out in the Makefile.

If you have RMS DSSD data taken after March 20th 2008 then most likely the new pixie16 readout was used and the flag -Dnewreadout should be set in the Makefile.

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