Directory Structure

The pixie16 analysis is contained in the directory scan_c++. You should see at a minimum the following set of files and directories.
  cal.txt        latex/           map.txt         tutorial/
  Doxyfile       Makefile         pixie16files/
  html/          Makefile.arch    scan/
  include/       manual/          src/

The files map.txt and cal.txt are used to initialize the pixie16 analysis and are described in the next section. The directories src/ and include/ contain the *.cpp and *.h files for the various classes that are used in the analysis. Files specific to pixie16 and needed to unpack the data are contained in the directory pixie16files. Scan files such as drrsub.f are in the scan/ directory. Makefile.arch is only needed if the code is compiled with the ROOT analysis package. The html/ and latex/ directories contain the html and latex ouput produced by doxygen. Links to the pixie16manual in both pdf and html format are in the manual directory. The tutorial directory contains three files used in the Quickstart section, cal.txt, map.txt and tutorial.ldf. The Doxyfile is the configuration file used with doxygen to create this manual.

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