There are two main files which control the pixie16 analysis flow, pixie_std.cpp and the detector_driver.cpp both of which are located in the src directory. The functions in the pixie_std.cpp file reconstruct a complete data spill from the pixie16 modules and, for each spill, create a list of channels that triggered. The list is then sorted according to time and those channels which occur close to each other in time are grouped together into events. The event is then passed into the detector_driver.cpp file for processing.

The detector_driver.cpp file receives each event and calibrates the energy for each channel in the event. The raw and calibrated energies are plotted if the appropriate damm spectra have been created in the drrsub.f file. Lastly any experiment specific analysis is performed.

Experiment specific analysis is performed on each event based on the detectors that fired. There are currently two implemented experiment specific analysis one for an MTC experiment and one for an RMS experiment.

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