This page describes the experiment specific analysis that is conducted when running a beta decay experiment with the MTC

Detector Types

For an MTC experiment the following detector types and sub types are used.

Event Processing

The MTC, MCP, and beta detectors are checked to see if any of them fired in the event. If any of the three detectors fired the time of the respective channel is retrieved.

If the MTC fired the correlation array is updated. Front and back channels are set to one to use only one pixel of the correlation array and all decay-implant times are taken with respect to the MTC tape time. When the MCP is being used the condition for an implant into the correaltion array should be either the MTC or MCP.

If the beta detectors fired a decay event is sent to the correlation array.


Correlation time versus gamma-ray energy should be plotted in the geplot function of gesub.

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