This page will describe the various objects that are used in the analysis. These objects are both for detectors and processing. All objects are declared, initialized and used in the detector_driver class.

Detector Objects


The Dssd object is intended for use with the two DSSD detector types dssd_front and dssd_back. The DSSD object is currently only used to plot DSSD spectra including the DSSD strip versus energy spectra (741, 742, 743, 742) and DSSD hit pattern spectra (725, 726). Both dssd_front and dssd_back detector types feed into this object for plotting.


The Ge object is intended for use with any germanium detector. All detectors with a detector type of Ge feed into this object. The Ge object is developed for clover detectors and its two main functions plot germanium spectra and perform addback.


The Si object is intended for use with any silicon detector that is not a DSSD. All detectors with a detector type of Si feed into this object. Since no such detector has been used in the pixie16 analysis yet this object does nothing.


The Mcp object is intended for use with all mcp detectors. All detectors with a detector type of mcp feed into this object. The Mcp object calculates the 2D position of an event based on the collected charge from the four corners of the detector.


The TimeClass object is intended for all detector types defined as timeclass. Currently only TACs have been used with this object for fragmentation experiments at the NSCL.


The Scint object is intended for use with an scintillator object and is fed from any detector type labeled as scint. This object has not yet been used in an experiment and as such does nothing.


The Idssd object is intended for use with the implant signal for the front of the detector. The Idssd object was used in fragmentation experiments at the NSCL since implants and decays had separate electronics chains. The idssd_front detector type feeds this object.


The Position object is intended for use at fragmentation experiments with the position scintillator to correct the time-of-flight.

Event Processing Objects


The detector_driver object controls event processing. A raw event is passed to it from the Scan_List() and all channels in the raw event are threshold checked and calibrated. Then the experimental processing is started.


The Correlator object controls the correlation of decays with previous implants. Two 2D arrays of size MAX_STRIP by MAX_STRIP are created from Correlation_structure objects for both implants and decays. Decays are correlated to implants if the time between implants was sufficiently large and the time between decays and implants is less than the correlation time. This object also controls the plotting of time versus energy plots such as the 750s.


The Trace object implements a quick online trace analysis routine based on trapezoidal filters to identify double pulses. The object also plots the trace spectra.

Advance Plot

The Advance_plot object is currently unused but if someone wanted to all the plotting could be performed from this function instead of being separated into the different files.

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