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Note: The area code for Knoxville and Oak Ridge is 865. Nielsen is the Nielsen Physics Building and SERF refers to the Science & Engineering Research Facility. These and all other campus buildings can be located using the university's campus map. ORNL is Oak Ridge National Laboratory and UTSI is the UT Space Institute in Tullahoma.

  Research Area Office Phone E-Mail
abdelrazekMargie Abdelrazek
  214 Nielsen 974-6180
cristianCristian Batista
Lincoln Chair Professor
Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics 210 South College 974-4164
breinigMarianne Breinig
Associate Head
Director of Graduate Program
Atomic Physics/Physics Education 202 Nielsen 974-7842
cheneyChristine Cheney
Director of Undergraduate Laboratories
  404B Nielsen 974-9811
dagottoElbio Dagotto
Distinguished Professor
Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics 302 South College 974-2122
davisLloyd Davis
Experimental, Interdisciplinary, and Numerical Physics UTSI 931-393-7335
efremenkoYuri Efremenko
Professor (Joint Faculty)
Neutrino Physics 503 Nielsen/ORNL 974-7857 or 574-4706
eguiluzAdolfo Eguiluz
Professor (Joint Faculty)
Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics 202 South College 974-6182 or 574-5783
elstonStuart Elston
Experimental Atomic Physics/Engineering Physics/Physics Education 216 Nielsen 974-7818
fitzsimmonsMichael Fitzsimmons
Professor (Joint Faculty)
Experimental Condensed Matter Physics ORNL (505) 901-0534
fominNadia Fomin
Assistant Professor
Experimental Nuclear/Neutron Physics 611 SERF 974-1509
greeneSowjanya Gollapinni
Assistant Professor
Experimental High Energy Physics 515 Nielsen
greeneGeoff Greene
Professor (Joint Faculty)
Experimental Neutron Physics M-3 Nielsen/ORNL 974-0673 or 574-8435
gunthotiKranti Gunthoti
Physics Outreach and Education 602 Nielsen 974-5697
grzywaczRobert Grzywacz
Experimental Nuclear Physics
Director, Joint Institute of Nuclear Physics and Applications
613 SERF/ORNL 974-2918 or 574-4732
guidryMichael Guidry
Nuclear Astrophysics 308 South College 974-7810
handlerThomas Handler
Experimental High Energy Physics 504 Nielsen 974-7820
hixWilliam R. Hix (Raph)
Joint Faculty Professor
Theoretical Nuclear Astrophysics 310A South College 974-5913
johnstonSteven Johnston
Assistant Professor
Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics 203 South College 974-7837
jonesKate Jones
Associate Professor and Associate Department Head
Experimental Nuclear Physics 406A Nielsen 974-4022
kamyshkovYuri Kamyshkov
Experimental High Energy Physics 505 Nielsen/603 SERF 974-6777
lindsaySean Lindsay
Lecturer/Astronomy Coordinator
  215 Nielsen 974-2362
liuJian Liu
Assistant Professor
Experimental Condensed Matter 407B Nielsen 974-3055
mannellaNorman Mannella
Associate Professor
Experimental Condensed Matter Physics 406B Nielsen 974-6123
mannikJaan Mannik
Assistant Professor
Biophysics 210 Nielsen 974-6018
mezzacappaAnthony Mezzacappa
Newton W. and Wilma C. Thomas Endowed Chair
Theoretical and Computational Astrophysics
Director, Joint Institute for Computational Sciences
206 South College/ORNL 574-6113
moreoAdriana Moreo
Professor (Joint Faculty)
Theoetical Condensed Matter Physics 303 South College 974-2084
nattrassChristine Nattrass
Assistant Professor
Experimental Nuclear Physics 609 SERF 974-6211
papenbrockThomas Papenbrock
Theoretical Nuclear Physics 106 South College/ORNL 974-3128 or 574-4577
pariggerChristian Parigger
Associate Professor
Laser, Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics UTSI 931-393-7509
platterLucas Platter
Assistant Professor
Theoretical Nuclear Physics 104 South College 974-4375
readKenneth Read
Professor (Joint Faculty)
Experimental Nuclear Physics 309 Nielsen/ORNL 974-3027 or 574-5347
riedingerLee Riedinger
Bredesen Center Director
Experimental Nuclear Physics 441 Greve Hall 719-4898
siopsisGeorge Siopsis
Theoretical High Energy Physics M104 Nielsen 974-7846
sorensenSoren Sorensen
Experimental Nuclear Physics 607 SERF 386-7051
spanierStefan Spanier
Experimental High Energy Physics 502 Nielsen 974-0597
steinerAndrew W. Steiner
Assistant Professor
Theoretical Nuclear Astrophysics 103 South College 974-5379
weiteringHanno Weitering
Department Head
Professor (Joint Faculty)
Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
Deputy Director, Joint Institute for Advanced Materials
401 Nielsen 974-7841
zhouHaidong Zhou
Assistant Professor
Experimental Condensed Matter Physics 407A Nielsen 974-6019

Emeritus and Retired Faculty/Staff

binghamCarrol Bingham
buggBill Bugg or 974-7799
callcottThomas Callcott
childersBob Childers comptonBob Compton
condoGeorge Condo
craterHorace Crater
dauntSteve Daunt
Nielsen 208
deedsEd Deeds
macekJoe Macek
parksJames Parks
312 Nielsen
painterLinda Painter
peggDavid Pegg
peggJohn Quinn
sellinIvan Sellin
shihC.C. Shih
thompsonJim Thompson


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