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Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, and Lecturers

Name Title Research Area Office Phone E-Mail
Margie Abdelrazek Lecturer   214 Nielsen Physics Building 974-6180
Marianne Breinig Professor and Associate Head; Director of Graduate Program Atomic Physics/Physics Education 202 Nielsen Physics Building 974-7842
Robert Compton Professor Experimental Chemical Physics 414 SERF/619 Buehler Hall 974-9513 or 974-1602 or 974-6172 (lab)
Horace Crater Professor Theoretical Physics UT Space Institute (Tullahoma) 931-393-7469
Elbio Dagotto Distinguished Professor Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics 302 South College 974-2122
Steve Daunt Lecturer Physics Education/Molecular Spectroscopy Medical Physics/Astronomy 218 Nielsen Physics Building 974-7847
Lloyd Davis Professor Experimental, Interdisciplinary, and Numerical Physics UT Space Institute (Tullahoma) 931-393-7335
Yuri Efremenko Professor (Joint Faculty) Neutrino Physics 503 Nielsen Physics Building/ORNL 974-7857 or 574-4706
Adolfo Eguiluz Professor (Joint Faculty) Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics 202 South College 974-6182 or 574-5783
Stuart Elston Professor Experimental Atomic Physics/Engineering Physics 216 Nielsen Physics Building 974-7818
Nadia Fomin Assistant Professor Experimental Nuclear/Neutron Physics 407B Nielsen Physics Building 974-1509
Geoff Greene Professor (Joint Faculty) Experimental Neutron Physics 515 Nielsen Physics Building/ORNL 974-0673 or 574-8435
Robert Grzywacz Professor Experimental Nuclear Physics 613 SERF/ORNL 974-2918 or 574-4732
Michael Guidry Professor Nuclear Astrophysics 602 Nielsen Physics Building 974-7810
Thomas Handler Professor Experimental High Energy Physics 504 Nielsen Physics Building 974-7820
William R. Hix Associate Professor Theoretical Nuclear Astrophysics 607B Nielsen Physics Building 974-5913
Steven Johnston Assistant Professor Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics 406A Nielsen Physics Building 974-7837
Kate Jones Associate Professor Experimental Nuclear Physics 611 SERF 974-4022
Jaewook Joo Assistant Professor Biophysics 211 South College 974-6127
Yuri Kamyshkov Professor Experimental High Energy Physics 505 Nielsen Physics Building/603 SERF 974-6777
Jon Levin Professor and Director of Undergraduate Program Experimental Atomic Physics M-3 Nielsen Physics Building 974-8705
Joseph Macek Distinguished Professor Theoretical Atomic Physics 308 South College 974-0770 or 576-0510
Norman Mannella Associate Professor Experimental Condensed Matter Physics 406B Nielsen Physics Building 974-6123
Jaan Mannik Assistant Professor Biophysics 210 Nielsen Physics Building 974-6018
Tony Mezzacappa Joint Faculty Professor Theoretical Astrophysics Oak Ridge National Laboratory 574-6113
Adriana Moreo Professor (Joint Faculty) Theoetical Condensed Matter Physics 303 South College 974-2084
Christine Nattrass Assistant Professor Experimental Nuclear Physics 609 SERF 974-6211 or 241-9709
Witold Nazarewicz James McConnell Distinguished Professor Theoretical Nuclear Physics 104 South College/ORNL 974-4375 or 574-4580
Thomas Papenbrock Associate Professor Theoretical Nuclear Physics 106 South College/ORNL 974-3128 or 574-4577
Christian Parigger Associate Professor Laser, Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics UT Space Institute (Tullahoma) 931-393-7509
James Parks Associate Head and Director of Undergraduate Laboratories Atomic Physics 404B Nielsen Physics Building 974-8952
Lucas Platter Assistant Professor Theoretical Nuclear Physics 104 South College 974-4375
John Quinn Willis Lincoln Chair of Excellence Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics 210 South College 974-4089
Kenneth Read Professor (Joint Faculty) Experimental Nuclear Physics 309 Nielsen Physics Building/ORNL 974-3027 or 574-5347
Lee Riedinger Professor and Bredesen Center Director Experimental Nuclear Physics 441 Greve Hall 719-4898
George Siopsis Professor Theoretical High Energy Physics M104 Nielsen Physics Building 974-7846
Soren Sorensen Professor Experimental Nuclear Physics 607 SERF 386-7051
Stefan Spanier Professor Experimental High Energy Physics 502 Nielsen Physics Building 974-0597
Hanno Weitering Professor and Head (Joint Faculty) Experimental Condensed Matter Physics 401 Nielsen Physics Building 974-7841
Haidong Zhou Assistant Professor Experimental Condensed Matter Physics 407A Nielsen Physics Building 974-6019

Emeritus and Retired Faculty

Name Office Phone E-Mail
Carrol Bingham
Bill Blass
Bill Bugg 974-7799
Thomas Callcott
Bob Childers
George Condo
Ed Deeds
Solon Georghiou 206 Nielsen 974-7826
Linda Painter
David Pegg
Ivan Sellin
C.C. Shih 206 Nielsen 974-7826
Jim Thompson 406-A Nielsen

Note: The area code for Knoxville and Oak Ridge is 865. SERF refers to the Science & Engineering Research Facility. This and all other campus buildings can be located using the university's campus map.


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