Jan 2016 Jeff, Ryan and Sarah from Volsteach program start their computational project on fractal dimension of DNA.

Jan 2016 Editorial article by Jaan, Conrad and Arieh is accepted by Frontiers in Microbiology.

Dec 2015 Paper by Jaana, Dan, Da, George and Jaan on organization of replication terminus region of E. coli chromosome is accepted in Nucleic Acids Research.

Sept 2015 Dr. Jane Kondev from Brandeis Univeristy visits lab and gives Physics colloquium.

August 2015 Da's manuscript on cell squeezing with microfluidic valves is accepted in Journal of Vaccuum Science and Technology B. The paper is the most read in the journal in Oct. 2015.


July 2015 Jaan presents at the Chromosome Dynamics Gordon Conference in Waterville Valley.

June 2015 Jaan's user proposal to Oak Ridge Nanofabrication Lab is approved.

May 2015 Branndon joins the lab as REU student. Nathaniel, a fresh graduate from Bearden High School, also joins. Welcome both!

May 2015 Will graduates from Chancellor's honors program with thesis "Positive Regulation of Localization of Cell Division Proteins in Escherichia coli". Congratulations!

April 2015 Jaan and Da present at Electron, Ion and Photon Beam Technology meeting in San Diego.

April 2015 Dr. John Marko from Northwestern University visits lab and gives Physics Colloquium.

Apr 2014 Cynthia presents her work at EURECA Symposium.

March 2015 Jaan and Matthew review article on coordination between chromosome segregation and cell division is accepted in Frontiers in Microbiology.

March 2015 Dr. Arieh Zaritsky and Dr. Conrad Woldringh visit the lab. Conrad gives seminar on his recent work on E. coli chromosome segregation.

Conrad and Arieh near Abrams Falls in Smokey Mountains National Park.

Feb 2015 Matthew attends BPS Annual meeting in Baltimore.

Nov 2014 Jaan visits Dr. Ganhui Lan at George Wahington University.

Oct 2014 Dr. Sean Sun from Johns Hopkins visits lab and gives Physics Colloqium.

Sept 2014 Jaan gives Microbiology colloquium at UTK.

August 2014 Graduate students Anna Jennings and Bryant Walker join the lab. Welcome!

July 2014 Laser upgrade to optical microscope arrives.

Group in Summer 2014

June 2014 Jaan's user proposal to Oak Ridge Nanofabrication Lab is approved.

May 2014 Cynthia Nkem joins the lab as REU student

May 2014 Arieh Zaritsky, Conrad Woldringh and Jaan launch a special topic issue in Frontiers

"The Bacterial Cell: Coupling between Growth, Nucleoid Replication, Cell Division and Shape"

May 2014 Matthew’s paper on division plane localization "Evidence for divisome localization mechanisms independent of the Min system and SlmA in Escherichia coli" is accepted in PLOS Genetics!

May 2014 Group trip to Nanthala River


Apr 2014 Clayton and Laura present their work from last summer at EURECA Symposium

Apr 2014 Clayton presents work from last summer titled "Development of Microfluidic Chips for Imaging Sub-Cellular Processes in a Bacterial Cell " at MSR 2014 meeting at San Fransisco

Mar 2014 Alex Hill, a microbiology major, joins the lab

Feb 2014 VolsTeach team (Amirah, Daniel, Jill and Lauren) joins the lab to do a project on Gibson Assembly for their Research Methods course

Jan 2014 Dr. Harold Erickson from Duke University visits lab and gives Physics Colloqium

Dec 2013 Jaan and Matthew attend Zing confrence at Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Nov 2013 Dr. Arieh Zaritsky from Ben Gurion University, Isreal visits the lab. Arieh gives seminar in BCMB Department.

Oct 2013 UT Office of Research, College of Arts and Sciences, and Physics Department support purchase of lasers to LCB

Aug 2013 Graduate student Da Yang joins the lab

Aug 2013 Jaan is UTK's Quest Scholar of the week

Aug 2013 Dr. Ryan Hefti a fresh Ph. D. from University of North Carolina, Chralotte joins the lab

June 2013 Jaan's user proposal to Oak Ridge Nanofabrication Lab is approved.

May 2013 Iya Stover (laboratory science program), Will Deaderick (microbiology) and Laura Mumley (chemical engineering) join the lab for the summer


May 2013 Jaan gives a talk, and Clayton and Matthew present a poster at ORNL "2013 Bio-Nano Symposium"

May 2013 Boyd graduates with bachelor degree from microbiology. Congratulations!

Mar 2013 Liam presents his work on TAAPT 2013 meeting at Middle Tennessee University

Mar 2013 Tennessee Today features story about Jaan

Mar 2013 Jaan wins NSF CAREER award

Nov 2012 Group trip to Racoon Mountain caverns



Sept 2012 Clayton Greer, a mechanical engineering undergraduate, joins the lab

Sept 2012 Matthew passes his qualifying exam. Congratulations!

Aug. 2012 Jaan presents at "Plant and Microbial Cytoskeleton" Gorodon Conference

Aug. 2012 Lab space is finally renovated and experiments can start!

June 2012 Jaan's user proposal to Oak Ridge Nanofabrication Lab is approved.

May 2012 Liam Schramm from Oak Ridge High School joins the lab

May 2012 Boyd Warren, a microbiology undergraduate, joins the group

May 2012 Jaan gives colloquium talk at Oregon State University at Cornvallis

Jan 2012 Nikon fluorescent microscope arrives to the lab

Nov. 2011 Jaan gives seminars at BCMB Department and at UTSI campus

Sept 2011 Lab starts; Graduate student Matthew Bailey is the first student to join