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Jolie Cizewski

Joliefest: May 1-2, 2014

Over the last three decades, significant improvements have been made in our understanding of the properties of nuclear matter and nuclear reaction rates that have provided the underpinnings for the concept of science-based stockpile stewardship (SBSS). Much of this work has been carried out under the guidance of Prof. Jolie Cizewski from Rutgers University who is the P.I. of the Center of Excellence for Radioactive Ion Beam Studies for Stewardship Science. Prof. Jolie Cizewski has supervised more than two dozen graduate students and postdoctoral scholars in pure and applied nuclear science. This workshop will provide an overview of the research carried out throughout Prof. Cizewski’s career, including studies of nuclear symmetries through gamma-ray spectroscopy as well as transfer reactions on fission fragments, and discuss the scientific and policy implications of her work in support of SBSS.


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Building 66 Auditorium
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
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Registration for the meeting is now closed (as of 3:00 p.m. EST on April 29, 2014). Please contact Michele Pixa ( or Lee Bernstein ( if you would like to attend but have not registered.

Meeting Costs:

  • Registration (includes refreshments and morning reception): $45
  • Optional Box Lunch: $15/day ($30 for both days)
  • Conference Dinner (held off-site at Great China): $55

Local Organizing Committee:

  • Lee Bernstein
    (LLNL and UCB)
  • Dennis McNabb (LLNL)
  • Karl Van Bibber
    (Nuclear Engineering UCB)
  • Jasmina Vujic
    (Nuclear Engineering UCB)
  • Bethany Goldblum
    (Nuclear Engineering UCB)

Advisory Committee:

  • Ani Aprahamian
    (Notre Dame)
  • Lee Bernstein
    (LLNL and UCB)
  • Kate Jones
    (Univ. Tennessee)
  • Dennis McNabb (LLNL)
  • Walid Younes (LLNL)