2021.08 Zach Hughes joined our group. Welcome!

2021.08 Anuradha Wijesinghe joined our group. Welcome!

2021.06 Chandima Edirisinghe, Rachel Woodrum, and Cory Cravens joined our group. Welcome!
Rachel and Cory started undergraduate summer research.

2021.04.15 New publication on Sn-InSb nanowire hybrids
The paper "Parity-preserving and magnetic field resilient superconductivity in InSb nanowires with tin shells" is published in Science.

2021.02 Summer Graduate Research Assistantship
Pradip is selected for 2021 Summer Graduate Research Assistantship by the University of Tennessee. Congratulations!

2020.12.03 New publication of a perspecrive article
The paper "Topological materials by molecular beam epitaxy" is published in J. Appl. Phys.

2020.11.17 Our MBE system has arrived. We are installing the system.

2020.11.11 New publication on MBE growth of magnetic topological system MnTe(Bi2Te3)n
The paper "Adsorption-controlled growth of MnTe(Bi2Te3)n by molecular beam epitaxy exhibiting stoichiometry-controlled magnetism" is published in Phys. Rev. Materials Rapid Communications

2020.08.19 Pradip Adhikari and Anjali Rathore joined our group. Welcome!

2020.07.02 New publication on Corbino Josephson junctions in Al-InAs 2DEG
The paper "Evaluation of the vortex core size in gate-tunable Josephson junctions in Corbino geometry" is published in Phys. Rev. B.

2020.06.01 Lena Schwebs joined our group. Welcome!

2020.03.26 New publication on selective area InSb-Al nanowires
The paper "In-plane selective area InSb–Al nanowire quantum networks" is published in Communications Physics.

2020.03.01 AKPA Outstanding Young Researcher Award 2020
Dr. Lee was selected as an awardee of the OYRA 2020 from the Association of Korean Physicists in America.

2020.02.24 New publication on three-terminal Josephson junction
The paper "Transport studies in a gate-tunable three-terminal Josephson junction" is published in Phys. Rev. B.

2020.01.22 New publication on three-terminal Majorana devices based on selective-area growth wires
The paper "Conductance-Matrix Symmetries of a Three-Terminal Hybrid Device" is published in Phys. Rev. Lett.

2020.01.15 New publication on TEM defect study on topological insulator films grown on BN
The paper "Large-scale defects interlayer rotations and Te grain boundaries in (Bi,Sb)2Te3 thin films" is published in Phys. Rev. Materials Rapid Communications.

2020.01.01 We are online
Dr. Joon Sue Lee is starting setting up the lab in the department of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. We have openings for a postdoc and graduate/undergraduate students. Please contact us.