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Airport bus from Narita to Wako-shi: A bus ticket should be purchased at the Keisei Bus ticket counter at the arrival level in the Narita airport. The bus departs from the stop #7 (#11) at Terminal 1 (2), bound for Oizumigakuen, and makes a stop near Wako-shi station. It costs 2,800 yen and takes about 2 hours depending on traffic.

Timetable (Narita Airport to Wako-shi) (revised 9/17/2011)

T2 9:30 10:30 17:30 18:10
T1 9:35 10:35 17:35 18:15
Wakoshi 11:30 12:30 19:30 20:10

Access map: travel from Narita Airport to Wako and from Wako station to RIKEN: http://www.riken.jp/engn/r-world/riken/campus/wako/index.html

Train from Narita to Wako-shi:

(1) The Keisei Skyliner trains have been renovated and become much faster since July 17, 2010. On the B1 level (one floor down) in the arrival terminal, there is a KEISEI Skyliner ticket office where you can buy a ticket from Narita Airport to the Nippori Station.It takes about 35 minutes to reach Nippori if you take the Skyliner express (fare: 2,400 yen; purple line on the map). After arriving at Nippori Station, you need to change to the Yamanote Line bound for Ikebukuro (fare: 160 yen). The Yamanote line is a circle line, but you should take the right direction. At Ikebukuro Station, you need to transfer to the Tobu-Tojo Line; buy a ticket to Wakoshi (fare: 240 yen, blue line). The Express, Semi-Express, and local trains all stop at Wakoshi Station, but you should take either Express or Semi-Express trains.
Keisei Skyliner: http://www.keisei.co.jp/keisei/tetudou/skyliner/us/index.html
(2) On the B1 level (one floor down) in the arrival terminal, there is a JR ticket office where you can buy a "Suica & N'EX package" (3500 yen for one way or 5500 yen for round-trip). This package includes one-way/round-trip for Narita airport <--> Tokyo/Yokohama, and 1,500 yen (+500 yen deposit) preloaded on a Suica smart card. You can use the Suica card to travel not only with JR lines but also all other private-company railways/buses in Tokyo area, including Tokyo Metro Lines and Tobu-Tojo Line. You may charge more on the Suica card at vending machines at train stations. Take a N'EX train bound for Ikebukuro, which takes about 1.5 h. From Ikebukuro, you follow the instruction given above: (1).

Suica & N'EX:  http://www.jreast.co.jp/e/suica-nex/

The RIKEN Wako Campus is in a walking distance from Wako-shi station (about 15 minutes). The map is available here: http://www.riken.jp/engn/r-world/riken/campus/wako/index.html. A taxi from the station costs about 700 yen.

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