Highlights in the Press

A Class of Their Own - New Superconductors Defy Conventional Models

Highlighted in UT Physics News, July 13 (2009)

Polaron Coherence Condensation in Layered Colossal Resistive Manganites

Highlighted in ALSNews vol. 289, July 30 (2008)

Experiments debunk 'pseudogap' role in superconductivity, pave way to practical superconductors

Highlighted in Physorg.com/news10505, Feb. 2 (2006)

Experiments debunk 'pseudogap' role in superconductivity

Highlighted in Stanford Report, Feb. 1 (2006)

Pseudogaps Are Not The Answer

Highlighted in Science @ Berkeley Lab., Jan 30 (2006)

Pseudogaps, polarons, and the mystery of high-Tc superconductivity

Highlighted in ALSNews, vol. 264 (2006)

Condensed-matter physics: Focus on the Fermi surface

Highlighted in Nature 438, 435 (2005)

A Different Spin on Future Data Storage

Highlighted in Science @ Berkeley Lab., March 03 (2005)

Polaron Behavior in CMR Manganites

Highlighted in ALSNews, vol. 249 (2005)