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Dr. Nazarewicz Accepts Editorial Appointment

February 15, 2006

Dr. Witold Nazarewicz

Physics Professor Witold Nazarewicz has joined the editorial board of the European Physical Journal A (EPJ A). The journal is devoted to all aspects of the structure of hadrons and nuclei, the latter being a field of specialty for Dr. Nazarewicz. As a co-editor, he will be responsible for refereeing contributions and thus will help determine the scientific quality of the journal. The initial appointment is for two years. Dr. Nazarewicz is also co-editing a nuclear physics book series for Elsevier and was recently invited by the Academy of Finland to act as a scientific expert for the Finnish Center of Excellence in Nuclear and Accelerator Based Physics.

Witold Nazarewicz joined the physics faculty at UT in 1991 and specializes in nuclear theory. He is the scientific director of the Holifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facility at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.