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Student Support in an Online Environment

The Department of Physics and Astronomy wants to reiterate our support during this time of transition. We are all learning to be more creative, compassionate and flexible. We are here to support you in whatever way we can. 

To assist you in your new online experience, we would like to offer a few suggestions: 

  1. Create a routine: get up, get dressed, have breakfast; act as if you were going to go to class.
  2. Remember to take a break: Get outside!  Step away from the computer for a few minutes each day; take a 20-minute walk or read a book outside with social distancing. Studies have shown that sunlight can lift your mood and refresh your mind.
  3. Stay connected—and not just by social media! Call a friend, set up a zoom session with your study group, talk to neighbors with proper distance.  

To ensure we offer you the most support possible, a Zoom session will be scheduled for every Wednesday from 1-1:30 PM to answer any questions, offer suggestions, or just to say hello. If you would like to join the Zoom session, please email before 12:00 noon; and she will send you the Zoom link. If we have more than 20 requesting to attend, we will hold a second session at 1:30 to make sure all can be heard and assisted.

The last information from UT is available on the university's website for COVID-19 information and support.

Take care! Stay safe! 

Chloe/Chrisanne/Showni/Physics Staff 

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