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NPET Fellowship - Nuclear Physics in Eastern TN

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oak ridge national laboratory


Month 1 - Team Science

This workshop discusses interacting with people in a team as a student. The discussion touches on psychological safety, barriers to inclusion, stereotype threat, and identifying allies.

Month 2- Graduate School Research Statement

This activity will discuss best practices in preparing a research statement for graduate school. Students will have prepared drafts and perform peer review of draft statements.

Month 3 - Research Documentation and Persistence

This session will cover documenting research using paper and electronics logbooks and use of collaborative tools. The discussion will touch on persistence in research, dealing with frustration, and celebrating small successes.

Month 4 - Literature Review

This workshop will review common search tools for research, and give an overview of common nuclear physics journals.

Month 5 - Scientific Writing

This workshop will describe the components of the research report: introduction, methods, results, conclusions, references.

Month 6 - Scientific Communication

This activity will focus on organizing ideas and communicating research. Trainees will practice the elevator pitch and prepare and peer review abstracts for a national APS conference

Month 7 – Summer Research Plan Presentation/TBD

Career Development Workshops
  • Week 2 - Choosing a PhD program
  • Week 4 - PhD Admission
  • Week 6 - Career Track Discussion (Bachelor's)
  • Week 8 - Career Track Discussion (PhD)
  • Week 10 - Poster Symposium and Virtual Grad School Fair
Practical Skills Workshops
  • Week 1 - Scientific Computing
  • Week 3 - Data Presentation (part 1)
  • Week 5 - Data Presentation (part 2)
  • Week 7 - Resume/CV Writing
  • Week 9 - Oral/Poster Presentation Development

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