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To upload data first get the upload data file, as described in the previous page.
Then make the changes to the file. PLEASE NOTE: To add a new entry, write NEW in the ID column, do not enter a number in that field. Make sure that you have filled something in every column, even if it is just empty space.
To upload the file select the file and press the upload button.
Next select the table in which the data is to be add/changed.
Then press submit.
Next you will be asked to double check the data, orange fields are were changes has been found. Now select submit or discard changes, depending on if the upload was correct or not.

PLEASE Note: You cannot delete records with the upload function, therefore you must delete them with the regular delete function.

If any errors occurred, these are the following posible reasons:
Mismached data file with table.
Mismached columns with table columns
If any other error occurred, please email Peter Gadfort,
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