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Dr. Steven Johnston

Associate Professor

Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics
Office: 203 South College
Phone: (865) 974-7837
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My research interests lie in condensed matter physics with a focus on applying numerical methods to strongly correlated electrons, multi-orbital systems, and electron-boson interactions. I have a specific interest in studying high-temperature superconductivity in both the iron-pnictides and cuprates. I often work towards making direct contact with spectroscopies such as angle-resolved photoemission, scanning tunneling microscopy, optical conductivity, and resonant inelastic x-ray scattering, and collaborate closely with experimentalists in order to unravel the meaning of results obtained using these complicated techniques.

Brief Vita

For Prospective Students

I currently have positions available for highly motivated undergraduate and graduate students who are interested pursuing research in theoretical condensed matter physics and computational methods. If you are interested, please e-mail or call me.

Selected Recent Publications

  1. S. Li, N. Kaushal, Y. Wang, Y. Tang, G. Alvarez, A. Nocera, T. A. Maier, E. Dagotto, and S. Johnston Nonlocal correlations in the orbital selective Mott phase of a one-dimensional multi-orbital Hubbard model. Physical Review B 94, 245126 (2016).

  2. A. Linscheid, S. Maiti, Y. Wang, S. Johnston, and P. J. Hirschfeld, High Tc via spin fluctuations from incipient bands: application to monolayers and intercalates of FeSe. Physical Review Letters 117, 077003 (2016).

  3. N. C. Plumb, D. J. Gawryluk, Y. Wang, Z. Ristić, J. Park, B. Q. Lv, Z. Wang, C. E. Matt, N. Xu, T. Shang, K. Conder, J. Mesot, S. Johnston, M. Shi, and M. Radović,Momentum-resolved electronic structure of the high-Tc superconductor parent compound BaBiO3. Physical Review Letters 117, 037002 (2016).

  4. S. Johnston, C. Monney, V. Bisogni, K.-J. Zhou, R. Kraus, G. Behr, V. N. Strocov, J. Málek, S.-L. Drechsler, J. Geck, T. Schmitt, and J. van den Brink, Electron-lattice interactions strongly renormalize the charge transfer energy in the spin-chain copper oxide Li2CuO2. Nature Communications 7, 10563 (2016).

  5. Louk Rademaker, Yan Wang, Tom Berlijn, and Steve Johnston, Enhanced superconductivity due to forward scattering in FeSe thin films on SrTiO3substrates. New Journal of Physics 18, 022001 (2016). Fast Track Communication.

  6. Shaozhi Li and S. Johnston, The effects of non-linear electron-phonon interactions on superconductivity and charge-density-wave correlations. Europhysics Letters 109, 27007 (2015).

  7. J. J. Lee, F. T. Schmitt, R. G. Moore, S. Johnston, Y. T. Cui, W. Li, M. Yi, Z. K. Liu, M. Hashimoto, Y. Zhang, D. H. Lu, T. P. Devereaux, D. H. Lee, and Z. X. Shen, Interfacial mode coupling as the origin of the enhancement of Tc in FeSe films on SrTiO3Nature 515 245 (2014).

  8. S. Johnston, A. Mukherjee, I. Elfimov, M. Berciu, and G. A. Sawatzky, Charge disproportionation without charge transfer in the rare-earth nickelates as a possible mechanism for the metal-insulator transition. Physical Review Letters 112, 106404 (2014).

Please see my Google scholar profile for a complete list of publications.


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