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Haidong Zhou

Dr. Haidong Zhou

Assistant Professor

Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
Office: 217A Nielsen Physics Building
Phone: (865) 974-6019

Research Interests

Almost every new technological innovation depends heavily upon the discovery of new materials and new novel physical properties. The discovery of many extraordinary properties of transition-metal oxides (TMOs), such as high-Tc superconductivity, CMR effect, and multi-ferroelectric effect, or the so called "strongly correlated systems", has opened many new fields in condensed matter physics. Recently, new "quantum states of matter" are coming increasingly to the fore in modern condensed-matter physics. Two celebrated examples are topological insulator and quantum spin liquid. The understandings of the strongly correlated spin/orbital/lattice couplings and the quantum phase coherence in all these materials are not only of fundamental importance but also potentially useful for applications. My main research interests are to discovery new materials possessing abnormal physical properties, such as geometrically frustrated magnetism showing quantum spin behaviors, multiferroicity, orbital ordering, and metal-insulator transitions. The strategies are to grow single crystals of them, and study them by x-ray scattering, low temperature and high magnetic field measurements, and neutron scattering. We expect our studies will advance the understanding of strongly correlated systems and quantum matters. For full statement of research interests, see here.

Dr. Zhou Wins NSF CAREER Award

Brief Vita

I obtained my Ph.D. in Physics in December 2005 from University of Texas at Austin with Prof. John B Goodenough. Then, I became a Postdoctoral Associate at National High Magnetic Field Lab/Florida Sate University with Prof. C. R. Wiebe. In August 2008, I obtained a position as assistant scholar/scientist in NHMFL. I became an Assistant Professor in the Physics Department at UTK in August 2012. For a full CV, including full publications record, see here.

For Prospective Students

A couple of positions are immediately available for highly motivated graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in growing single crystals of novel materials and study them with different techniques. If interested, please e-mail or call me.

Selected Recent Publications

  1. “Evidence for Dyakonov-Perel-like spin relaxation in Pt” R. Freeman, Andrei Zholud, Z. L. Dun, H. D. Zhou, and S. Urazhdin, Physical Review Letters 120, 067204 (2018).
  2. “Experimental evidence for bipolaron condensation as a mechanism for the metal-insulator transition in rare-earth nickelates” J. Shamblin, M. Heres, H. D. Zhou, J. Sangoro, M. Lang, J. Neuefeind, J. Alonso, and S. Johnston, Nature Communications DOI:10.1038/s41467-017-02561-6
  3. “Momentum-resolved observations of the phonon instability driving geometric improper ferroelectricity in yttrium manganites” D. Bansal, J. Niedziela, R. Sinclair, V. Garlea, D. Abernathy, S. X. Chi, Y. Ren, and H. D. Zhou, and O. Delaire, Nature Communications DOI:10.1038/s41467-017-02309-2
  4. “Robust pinning of magnetic moments in pyrochlore iridates” W. C. Yang, W. K. Zhu, H. D. Zhou, L. Ling, E. S. Choi, M. Lee, Y. Losovyi, Chi-Ken Lu, and S. X. Zhang, Physical Review B 96, 094437 (2017).
  5. “Magnetism out of disorder in a J = 0 compound Ba2YIrO6” Q. Chen, C. Svoboda, Q. Zheng, B. C. Sales, D. G. Mandrus, H. D. Zhou, J. S. Zhou, D. McComb, M. Randeria, N. Trivedi, J. Q. Yan, Physical Review B 96, 144423 (2017).
  6. “Structural and magnetic short range ordering in fluorite Yb2TiO5”, J. Shamblin, Z. Dun, M. Lee, S. Johnston, E. S. Choi, K. Page, Y. Qiu and H. D. Zhou, Physical Review B 96, 174418 (2017).
  7. “Ferroelectricity of structural origin in the spin-chain compounds Ca3Co2-xMnxO6”, J. Shi, J. D. Song, J. C. Wu, X. Rao, H. L. Che, Z. Y. Zhao, H. D. Zhou, J. Ma, R. R. Zhang, L. Zhang, X. G. Liu, X. Zhao, and X. F. Sun, Physical Review B 96, 064112 (2017).
  8. “Landau-level spectroscopy of massive Dirac fermions in single crystalline ZrTe5 thin flakes”, Y. Jiang, Z. L. Dun, H. D. Zhou, Z. Lu, K. W. Chen, S. Moon, T. Besara, T, M. Siegrist, R. E. Baumbach, D. Smirnov, and Z. Jiang, Physical Review B 96, 041101(R) (2017).
  9. “Itinerant antiferromagnetism in RuO2” T. Berlijn, P. C. Snijders, O. Delaire, H. D. Zhou, T. A. Maier, H. B. Cao, S. X. Chi, M. Matsuda, Y. Wang, M. R. Koehler, P. R. C. Kent, H. H. Weitering, Physical Review Letters 118, 077201 (2017).
  10. “Magnetic properties of the triangular lattice magnets A4B’B2O12 (A = Ba, Sr, La; B’=Co, Ni, Mn; B = W, Re)”, R. Rawl. M. Lee, E. S. Choi, G. Li, K. W. Chen, R. Baumbach, dela Cruz C., J. Ma, and H. D. Zhou, Physical Review B 95, 174438 (2017).
  11. Frustrated spin-1/2 molecular magnetism in the mixed-valence antiferromagnets Ba3MRu2O9 (M = In, Y, Lu)”, D. Ziat, A. A. Aczel, R. Sinclair, Q. Chen, H. D. Zhou, T. J. Williams, M. B. Stone, A. Verrier, and J. A. Quilliam, Physical Review B 95, 184424 (2017).
  12. “Magnetic ground state and magnetodielectric effect of RCr(BO3)2 (R= Y and Ho)”, R. Sinclair, H. D. Zhou, M. Lee, E. S. Choi, G. Li, T. Hong, and S. Calder, Physical Review B 95, 174410 (2017).
  13. “Structural and magnetic properties of two branches of the tripod-kagome-lattice family A2R3Sb3O14 (A = Mg, Zn; R = Pr, Nd, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Yb”, Z. L. Dun, J. Trinh, M. Lee, E. S. Choi, K. Li, Y. F. hu, Y. X. Wang, N. Blanc, A. P. Ramirez, and H. D. Zhou, Physical Review B 95, 104439 (2017).
  14. “Ba8CoNb6O24: a spin-1/2 triangular lattice Heisenberg antiferromagnet in the two dimensional limit”, R. Rawl, L. Ge, H. Agrawal, Y. Kamiya, C. R. Dela Cruz, N. P. Butch, X. F. Sun, M. Lee, E. S. Choi, J. Oitmaa, C. D. Batista, M. Mourigal, H. D. Zhou, and J. Ma, Physical Review B 95, 060412 (R) (2017).
  15. “Lattice dynamics and thermal transport in multiferroic CuCrO2”, Dipanshu Bansal, Jennifer L. Niedziela, Andrew F. May, Ayman Said, Georg Ehlers, Douglas L. Abernathy, Ashifa Huq, Melanie Kirkham, Haidong Zhou, Olivier Delaire, Physical Review B 95, 054306 (2017).
  16. “Continuous excitations of the triangular-lattice quantum spin liquid YbMgGaO4”, J. A. M. Paddison, M. Daum, Z. L. Dun, G. Ehlers, Y. Liu, M. B. Stone, H. D. Zhou, and M. Mourigal, Nature Physics 13, 117 (2017)


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