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Sowjanya Gollapinni, Adjunct Faculty


Yarbrough      Mogan

Gray Yarbrough (left) and Andrew Mogan (right) giving poster presentations at the 10th International summer school INSS 2017

Gallopinni      Gallopinni

Dr. Gollapinni building the MicroBooNE detector in 2013.

Yarbrough      MicroBoone

Gray Yarbrough presenting his work at the MicroBooNE July 2017 Collaboration meeting (left); the July 2013 MicroBooNE Collaboration meeting dinner (left)


Dr. Gollapinni after installing ~8000 wires in the MicroBooNE detector (Summer 2012)

MicroBooNE      MicroBooNE      MicroBooNE

Dr. Gollapinni checking detector controls and monitoring for MicroBooNE electronics with her colleagues (October 2014).

MicroBooNE      MicroBooNE      MicroBooNE

Dr. Gollapinni training MicroBooNE colleagues to use Slow Controls (May 2015) (left and center); MicroBooNE Reconstruction workshop in IIT, Illinois (January 2015) (right).

Fermilab Users Exec Comm      MicroBooNE Collaboration

Dr. Gollapinni as part of the Fermilab’s Users’ Executive committee (September 2016) (left); MicroBooNE Collaboration Photo (August 2015).

MicroBooNE Collaboration Meeting

MicroBooNE Collaboration meeting Photo (June 2016)


Dr. Gollapinni lecturing on Neutrinos at the OakRidge Institute for Continued Learning (Summer 2017)

Fermilab Users       Lockyer

Dr. Gollapinni at the 2017 Fermilab Users’ meeting Directorate panel (June 2017) (left) and shaking hands with Fermilab Director Dr. Nigel Lockyer during Saturday Morning Physics graduation festivities (May 2017) (left).

Fermilab Users

Fermilab Users

Dr. Gollapinni at the Fermilab Users’ Executive Committee Washington D.C. trip for science advocacy (March 2017).


Dr. Gollapinni at CDF and D0 experiments (2010 and 2013.)

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