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joon sue lee
Joon Sue Lee
Assistant Professor

Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
Office: 515 Nielsen Physics Building
Phone: (865) 974-8705
jslee at utk dot edu
Lee Research Group Page

Brief Vita
  • Ph.D., (Physics), Penn State University (2014)
  • M.S. (Physics), Seoul National University (2007)
  • B.S. (Physics Education & EE), Seoul National University (2005)

  • Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee, Knoxville (2020-present)
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, UC Santa Barbara (2015-2019)
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, Penn State University (2014-2015)

Selected Honors
  • College of Arts and Sciences, University of Tennessee, Excellence in Teaching Award (Junior) (2023)


Lee Research Group

The central theme of Dr. Lee's research is the development of quantum materials, prepared by “epitaxy”, and quantum devices for unveiling fundamental quantum phenomena as well as for exploring future device applications. Studies include:

  • Epitaxy of Quantum Materials
  • Hybrid Quantum Materials Systems
  • Quantum Transport
  • Majoranas towards Quantum Computing

Selected Recent Publications

Google Scholar Profile

Parity-preserving and magnetic field resilient superconductivity in indium antimonide nanowires with tin shells.
M. Pendharkar, B. Zhang, H. Wu, A. Zarassi, P. Zhang, C. P. Dempsey, J. S. Lee, S. D. Harrington, G. Badawy, S. Gazibegovic, J. Jung, A.-H. Chen, M. A. Verheijen, M. Hocevar, E. P. A. M. Bakkers, C. J. Palmstrøm, and S. M. Frolov
Science 372, 508 (2021)

Topological materials by molecular beam epitaxy.
M. Brahlek*, J. Lapano, J. S. Lee*
J. Appl. Phys. 128, 210902 (2020) - Perspective article

Conductance-matrix symmetries of a three-terminal hybrid device.
G. C. Menard, G. L. Anselmetti, E. A. Martinez, D. Puglia, J. S. Lee, S. Choi, M. Pendharkar, C. J. Palmstrøm, K. Flensberg, C. M. Marcus, L. Casparis, and A. P. Higginbotham
Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 036802 (2020)

Selective-area chemical beam epitaxy of in-plane inAs 1D channels grown on InP(001), InP(111)B, and InP(011) surfaces.
J. S. Lee, S. G. Choi, M. Pendharkar, D. J. Pennachio, B. Markman, M. Seas, S. Koelling, M. A. Verheijen, L. Capraris, K. D. Petersson, I. Petkovic, V. Schaller, M. J. W. Rodwell, C. M. Marcus, P. Krogstrup, L. P. Kouwenhoven, and C. J. Palmstrøm
Phys. Rev. Materials 3, 084606 (2019) - Editors' suggestion

Transport studies of epi-Al/InAs 2DEG systems for required building-blocks in topological superconductor networks.
J. S. Lee, B. Shojaei, M. Pendharkar, A. P. McFadden, Y. Kim, H. Suominen, M. Kjaergaard, F. Nichele, C. M. Marcus, and C. J. Palmstrøm
Nano Letters 19, 3083 (2019)

Contribution of top barrier materials to high mobility in near-surface InAs quantum wells grown on GaSb(001).
J. S. Lee, B. Shojaei, M. Pendharkar, M. Feldman, K. Mukherjee, and C. J. Palmstrøm
Phys. Rev. Materials 3, 014603 (2019)

Engineering the breaking of time-reversal symmetry in gate-tunable hybrid ferromagnet/topological insulator heterostructures.
J. S. Lee, A. Richardella, R. D. Fraleigh, C.-X. Liu, W. Zhao, and N. Samarth
npj Quantum Materials 3, 51 (2018)

Mirage Andreev spectra generated by mesoscopic leads in nanowire quantum dots.
Z. Su, A. Zarassi, J.-F. Hsu, P. San-Jose, E. Prada, R. Aguado, E. J. H. Lee, S. Gazibegovic, R. Op het Velt, D. Car, S. Plissard, M. Hocevar, M. Pendharkar, J. S. Lee, J. Logan, C. J. Palmstrøm, E. P.A.M. Bakkers, and S. Frolov
Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 127705 (2018)

Unidirectional spin-Hall and Rashba−Edelstein magnetoresistance in topological insulator-ferromagnet layer heterostructures.
Y. Lv, J. Kally, D. Zhang, J. S. Lee, M. Jamali, N. Samarth, and J.-P. Wang
Nature Communications 9, 111 (2018)

Epitaxy of Advanced Nanowire Quantum Devices.
S. Gazibegovic, D. Car, H. Zhang, S. C. Balk, J. A. Logan, M. W. A. de Moor, M. C. Cassidy, R. Schmits, D. Xu, G. Wang, P. Krogstrup, R. L. M. Op het Veld, J. Shen, D. Bouman, B. Shojaei, D. Pennachio, J. S. Lee, P. J. van Veldhoven, S. Koelling, M. A. Verheijen, L. P. Kouwenhoven, C. J. Palmstrøm, and E. P.A.M. Bakkers
Nature 548, 434 (2017)



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