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Condensed Matter Physics Seminars

Fall 2020

Seminars will be held via Zoom on Wednedays from 2:30 to 3:30 PM.

Date Speaker Title

August 26

Joon Sue Lee (UT)

Topological materials and their applications
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September 2

Quing Huang (UT)

Possible itinerant excitations and quantum spin-state transitions in the effective spin-1/2 triangular-lattice antiferromagnet Na2BaCo(PO4)2

September 9

Zhentao Wang (University of Minnesota)

Magnetic and transport properties of rare-earth compounds dominated by RKKY interactions
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September 16

Miao Hu (MSTD at ORNL)

ARPES and x-ray studies of correlated topological matter
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September 23

Hanno Weitering (UT)

Recreating cuprate physics on a silicon template

September 30

Steve Johnston (UT)

Theory of cuprate physics on a silicon template

October 7

Phil Dee

Finding the superconducting Tc in a composite bilayer system with DCA

October 14

Mark Dean

X-ray vision of magnetism in d9 nickelates and photo-excited transient states

October 21

Hatem Barghathi (UTK)

Entanglement measures in fermionic fluids (CANCELED)

October 28

Antia Botana (University of Arizona)

Low-valence layered nickelates: a cuprate analog for high-temperature superconductivity?

November 4

Huibo Cao

Multiferroic reentrance in a molecular magnet” or “Magnetic anisotropy in a 2D square lattice

November 11

Lin Hao

Exploring spin-charge response of antiferromagnetic fluctuations in pseudo-spin-half square lattice

November 18

Martin Mourigal (Georgia Tech)


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