February-April 2017

Atom smashing? The Big Bang? Physics and biology? If you're curious about what physics is and how it impacts the world we live in, spend Saturday morning at the University of Tennessee for our series on Saturday Morning Physics. Members of our faculty will explain their research and how it ties in with some of the most important scientific questions that challenge our thinking and help shape our future.


Date Speaker Title
February 4, 2017 sorensen

 Dr. Soren Sorensen
What is Everything Made of? The Quest for the Ultimate Building Blocks of the Physical Universe
See Dr. Sorensen's Presentation Slides
February 11, 2017 kamyshkov

 Dr. Yuri Kamyshkov
Where is Antimatter in the Universe?
See Dr. Kamyshkov's Presentation Slides
February 18, 2017 gollapinni

 Dr. Sowjanya Gollapinni
The Ghostly Neutrinos
See Dr. Gollapinni's Presentation Slides
Video: Chernkov
Video: Fermilab Neutrino Beam
Video: ICARUS Assembly
Video: LArTPC Principle
Video: Nino the Neutrino
Video: Oscillations
Video: Sonic Boom Jet
Video: SuperK PMT Collapse
Video: VENu LArTPC Animation
February 25, 2017 spanier

 Dr. Stefan Spanier
The Big Bang Machine
See Dr. Spanier's Presentation Slides
March 4, 2017 mezzacappa

 Dr. Anthony Mezzacappa
A Look through the Cosmic Photo Album at our Ancestors: Massive Stars
See Dr. Mezzacappa's Presentation Slides Note: To see videos, please download and open in Adobe Acrobat.
March 11, 2017 mannik

 Dr. Jaan Mannik
Physics and Nanotechnology to Study Bacterial Cells
See Dr. Mannik's Presentation Slides
April 1, 2017 jones

 Dr. Kate Jones
Stardust and Atom Smashers
See Dr. Jones' Presentation Slides
April 8, 2017 nattrass

 Dr. Christine Nattrass
Recreating the Big Bang at the Large Hadron Collider
See Dr. Nattrass' Presentation Slides
April 22, 2017 johnston

 Dr. Steven Johnston
Studying Quantum Mechanics with Light and Computers
See Dr. Johnston's Presentation Slides
April 29, 2017 liu

 Dr. Jian Liu
Condensed Matter Physics: a Diverse Society of Electrons

Format: Lecture is 10 to 11:15 AM with questions and discussion from 11:15 AM to Noon

Venue: 307 Science and Engineering Research Facility (SERF), 1414 Circle Drive. EXCEPTION: The April 8 lecture will be in 415 Nielsen Physics, 1408 Circle Drive (see the UT Campus Map).

Parking: Parking in the 11th Street Garage will be open and available on a first come, first-served basis. Parking is not allowed on Level 2 of the garage, due to use by UTPD. Also, be advised that April 22 is the date of the UT Orange and White Game, and people attending the game will be parking in the 11th Street Garage as well.

A final participation certificate will be awarded: you will need to attend at least 8 out of 10 SMP lectures.

Contact: Kranti Gunthoti (kgunthot@utk.edu)