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Spring Semester 2019

Can we actually use neutrinos? What do we know about climage change? How do particle accelerators work? If you’re curious about what physics is and how it impacts the world we live in, spend Saturday morning at the University of Tennessee for our Saturday Morning Physics series. Physics faculty along with experts from other UT departments and Oak Ridge National Laboratory will explain their research and how it ties in with some of the important scientific questions that challenge our thinking and help shape our future.


Date Speaker Title
March 2, 2019 yuri kamyshkov

 Yuri Kamyshkov
Topic: Mirror Matter
Title: Is there Mirror Matter in the universe?
March 30, 2019 andrew w steiner

 Andrew W. Steiner
Topic: Astrophysics/Neutron Stars
Title: How Neutron Star Squishiness Changes Space and Time
April 13, 2019 jaan mannik

 Jaan Mannik
Topic: Biophysics
Title: Using Physics and Nanotechnology to Understand Bacterial Cells
April 20, 2019 norman mannella

 Norman Mannella
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Title: The Discovery of Quanta: The Birth of Modern Physics
April 27, 2019 christine nattrass

 Christine Nattrass
Topic: Quark-Gluon Plasma
Title: Melting Nuclei

Format: Lecture is 10 to 11 AM with Q&A from 11 to 11:20 AM

Venue: 415 Nielsen Physics Building

Parking: Free parking for attendees in the 11th Street Garage

For high school students, a final participation certificate will be awarded if you attend at least 8 out of 10 SMP lectures.

Contact: Kranti Gunthoti
Program Director
Phone: 974-7044