Space Science at UTK

2018 Programs and Viewing Opportunites on Campus

Solar Observing from Ayres Hall

Regular public telescope observations are held on the first and third Fridays of every month, weather permitting.

Check Telescope Observations on "the roof" for start times.

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2018 Programs and Viewing Opportunities Off Campus

Bandy Creek

All times Eastern unless other wise noted.

Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area

July 7 - Evening Program and Observing 9:30PM

August 18 - Evening Program and Observing 9:30PM

September 22 - Evening Program and Observing 9:00PM

October 27 - Solar Observing 3:00PM - Evening Program and Observing 8:00PM

Pickett State Park TN IDA site

*** Pickett is in Central Time Zone ***

July 14 - Star Party 9:30PM

August 10 - Star Party 8:30PM

Fall Creek Falls State Park TN


Wilderness Road State Park VA


Indian Mountain State Park TN