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For the month of September 2018


Mercury is hiding in the glare of the sun this month though visible to observers in evening twilight of the first few weeks of the month. Reaching its brightest on the 21st Venus is very low in the West-southwest so you will need a clear horizon to view it.

Venus is sinking lower in the West-southwest the first 2 weeks of the month until it reaches its brightest on the 21st. You will need a clear horizon the follow it.

Jupiter is also low in the West-southwest this month and follows Venus by about an hour to set time. A waxing crescent moon joins Jupiter on the 15th.

Saturn is high in the South at sunset the first of the month and setting around midnight by months end. A waxing crescent moon joins Saturn on the 17th.

Mars in in the South-southeast at sunset. A waxing gibbous moon hangs about 7 degrees above Mars on the 19th.

The moon phases for this month are last quarter on the 2nd, new on the 9th, 1st quarter on the 16th and full on the 24th.

The autumnal equinox will occur on the 22nd at 9:54 PM. We will experience equal hours of day and night around the world.