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Cool Things

For the month of October 2021

The Orionid Meteors will peak in the predawn hours of Thursday the 21st. Unfortunately, the full moon occurs on the 20th and will be in the sky all night and into the predawn hours of the 21st. These meteors are active all month so look early mornings when the moon is less intrusive. The peak only brings about 15 meteors per hour so be patient.

Mercury and Mars are too close to the sun to be seen this month.

Venus is nicely paired with a thin waxing crescent moon on the 9th. Venus stays in the Southwest all month at about the same altitude at sunset each day. The brightest object in the evening sky is about 10 degrees above the horizon.

Saturn is further South each day this month at sunset. Saturn is easy to spot all month as it moves basically parallel to the horizon about 15 degrees ahead of Jupiter.

Jupiter is the brightest object in the Southeast most of the month. A brighter waxing moon passes Saturn and Jupiter on the 13th through the 15th.