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Cool Things

For the month of June 2017

Mercury is low in the ENE in the morning sky just before sun up. The planet closest to the sun disappears into the sun by midmonth.

Venus is the jewel of the dawn sky shining bright white in the E. Venus is joined by a waning crescent moon on the 20th and 21st.

Jupiter is well placed in the SW all month. A waxing crescent moon joins the giant planet to the right and slightly lower on the 30th.

Saturn is at opposition on the 15th and is in the night sky from dark to light and passes through the local meridian around 2 AM. If you could travel at the speed of light, it would take you 75 minutes to reach the ringed giant. The newly waning gibbous moon glides past Saturn on the 10th.

The Summer Solstice arrives at 12:24 AM on the 21st. The sun actually reaches its highest in the sky for the year on the 23rd.

The moon phases for this month are 1st quarter on the 1st, full on the 9th, last quarter on the 17th, new on the 23rd and 1st quarter again on the 30th.