Graduate Students

Dr. Joseph M. Carpinelli

(Fall 1993 - Fall 1997)
Ph.D. ; University of Pennsylvania (co-supervisor with Plummer).
Presently at Siemens Corporate Research, Princeton NJ
Thesis title - Charge ordering transition in ultra thin metal films

Dr. Kwonjae Yoo

(August 1996 - November 2000)
Presently Research Associate at Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
Thesis title - Electrical transport properties of silicon surfaces

Dr. Anton Mans

(July 2000 - January 2005)
Ph.D. at Delft University of Technology.
Presently at the Netherlands Cancer Institute
Thesis title - Electronic structure and lattice relaxations in quantum-confined Pb films

Dr. Murat Özer

(August 2002 - August 2006)
Presently postdoc at University of Tennessee.
Thesis title - Growth and Superconductivity of Pb and Pb-Bi Alloys in the Quantum Regime

Dr. Paul Snijders

(February 2001 - June 2006)
Ph.D. at Delft University of Technology.
Presently Wigner Fellow at ORNL.
Thesis title - Electronic instabilities and structural fluctuations in self-assembled atom wires

Mr. Jason Smith

(Janurary 2005 - August 2006)
Thesis title- Surface Studies of Selective Hydrogen Desorption from Silicon

Dr. Eun Ju Moon

(Janurary 2005 - December 2009)
Thesis title- Controlled self-organization and tunable collective Phenomena in Surface-based Nanostructures


Post Doctoral Associates

Dr. Xiaorong Shi

(1994 - 1995)
UT postdoc.
Inverse Photoemission.

Dr. Keng Ching Lin

(April 1996 - September 1997)
UT postdoc.
Surface Characterization of Silicon on Insulator materials; Transport measurements.
Presently Assistant Professor, FuJen Catholic University, Taipei, Taiwan

Dr. Myungkeun Noh

(February 1998 - November 1999)
UT postdoc.
Surface characterization of silicon on insulator material.
Presently Position in industrial R&D, Korea

Dr. Jongjin George Kim

(November 1998 - July 2000)
UT postdoc.
Thermionic Refrigeration.
Presently group leader at Sarnoff, Princeton

Dr. Mihaela Falub-Demeter

(August 2001 - July 2002)
Delft Postdoc.
Presently at Institut de Physique des Nanostructures, Switzerland

Dr. Jiandong Guo

(July 2004 - September 2005)
UT postdoc.
Current transport in atom wires.
Presently professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing.

Dr. An-Ping Li

(January 2003 - )
ORNL postdoc.
Dilute Ferromagnetic Semiconductors.
Presently Staff scientist at ORNL-CNMS

Dr. Changgan Zeng

(September 2002 - August 2007)
UT postdoc.
Current transport in atom wires.
Presently professor at the University of Science and Technology of China.

Dr. Violeta Iancu

(June 2007 - June 2009)
UT postdoc.

Electronic transport of ultrathin silicide nanowires for future use in rapid DNA sequencing.

Presently postdoc at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium.


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