The annual meeting of the APS Southeastern Section

November 5-6, 2020

Note: Abstract submission deadline is October 19th and Registration deadline is November 2nd.

This SESAPS 2020 annual meeting will be virtual and aimed primarily at undergraduate students. It will be 1.5 days in length (November 5-6, 2020) and include plenary sessions on big developments across multiple fields of physics, parallel sessions with student presentations, as well as virtual poster sessions. Finally, a virtual graduate school fair will be held as well.

*Registration is free for SESAPS members. Students will be able to register for the meeting at no cost. Preliminary schedule with deadlines will be up soon.

Plenary Speakers

Olivier Pfister
Prof. Olivier Pfister (University of Virginia)
Quantum Computing over the Rainbow
Cynthia Keppel
Dr. Cynthia Keppel (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
Big Ideas to Probe the Very Small: Initial Results from Jefferson Lab at 12 GeV
Kate Scholberg
Prof. Kate Scholberg (Duke University)
Neutrinos: Ghost Stories about the Universe
Siddarth Soni
Siddarth Soni (LSU)
Advanced LIGO detectors and the Birth of Gravitational Wave Astronomy
Max Lavrentovich
Max Lavrentovich (UTK)
Biophysics: Life at the Frontier
Peter Hirschfeld
Peter Hirschfeld (University of Florida)
Superconductivity: There's Plenty of Cream at the Bottom


Nadia Fomin, University of Tennessee, Knoxville,