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The department has put together this page to guide physics faculty and students through the university travel process, from initial request through reimbursement. Please see the steps and tips below to make this process as smooth as possible.

Steps for Traveling on University Business

  • NOTE: Any travel involving airline tickets must be started three weeks in advance!
  • Step 1: Complete a T-18 Travel request form. (See example T-18 forms for domestic and international travel). If traveling internationally, you must also register at the Center for International Education. (Select international travel policy and registration from the menu.)
    • Make sure your intended travel dates are correct, and the account number to be charged and the P.I. signature are on the travel request form.
    • Explain the specific reason for the trip, i.e., to conduct nuclear experiments at CERN; attend 2013 International Conference on Power & Energy, etc.
  • Step 2: When complete as outlined above, bring the T-18 to the Physics main office (Nielsen 401) where Maria will be glad to assist you. Your request will be entered into IRIS for approval. The approval process may take up to several days. Please note that no travel can be booked until approval is received.
  • After the T-18 is approved:

  • Step 3: Maria can now book your travel. Your airline tickets can be direct billed, and, again, must be requested three weeks before your travel in order to allow proper booking time and to receive the lower ticket fare. The airline receipt will be e-mailed to you. It is recommended that the airline ticket be booked through World Travel by direct billing.


  • Effective September 1, 2016, faculty and staff will not be required to purchase the ITIC (International Teacher Identity Card). Students will not be required to purchase the ISIC card. (The ITIC/ISIC card will continue to provide the stated benefits for all faculty/staff/students who purchased it until its expiration date.) As of September 2016, faculty will be strongly encouraged (but not required) to purchase travel insurance (health, evacuation/repatriation) through the provider CISI. There will be a link available on the International Travel Registration website and through the registration portal where UT faculty and staff may purchase coverage. It may be purchased by the week at a cost of $17 per week and is reimbursable. There are three exceptions to this new policy:
    • Faculty/staff traveling with a group of students (study abroad programs and other group programs as defined by the CIE) will be required to purchase CISI insurance.
    • Students traveling to countries under a state department warning or under a CDC warning (level 3) will be required to purchase CISI travel insurance if their travel is approved by the International Risk Management Committee.
    • Students participating on study abroad programs or on group programs as defined by the CIE will be required to purchase CISI insurance.
  • Submit your travel request (T18) immediately when travel is determined. A three-week minimum for air travel will ensure lower flight cost and more convenience options. Remember it can take up to four days to receive travel approval, which must be obtained before direct bill flights can be scheduled.
  • When booking your flight (with or without Maria's help), please adhere to the travel dates indicated on the T-18 form, or else the form will have to be amended and reapproved by the UT travel office.
  • Flights must be “economy” or “coach” tickets and MUST BE STATED ON THE TICKET. If booked and direct billed through World Travel, this will be correct.
  • Items on foreign receipts must be translated to English and signed by the translator (this can be you) before they can be submitted for reimbursement. All foreign receipts must be converted to U.S. dollars using OANDA or similar currency converter. Conversion must be for date paid on receipt. *PLEASE NOTE: use date after to get conversion rate for previous day, i.e., for purchases made on 10/1/2013, use 10/2/2013 on conversion site, then print first page of conversion site. Conversions on credit card statements can also be used.
  • Car rental is tricky. Please consult UT Travel Policy for details or discuss with Maria.
  • Lodging must be itemized BY DAY with taxes and fees on separate line item. One lump sum will not be reimbursed.
  • If in doubt, ASK. It is much easier to ask than not receive reimbursement.
  • University travel policies and forms are available at their website.
  • Remember, Maria is here to help you. (

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