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Physics and Astronomy Outreach

Astronomy Outreach Programs

Information on public astronomy observing programs, astronomy presentations, resources for educators, and special public programs is availabe on the Space Science Outreach Page.

Cool Things in the Sky

Other astronomy programs, appropriate for all audiences, are:

  • Exploring the Solar System
  • Missions to Mars
  • Return to The Moon
  • Building and Launching Model Rockets
  • Star Parties

Contact Paul Lewis ( for more information on astronomy outreach.

Physics Outreach Programs

Physics faculty and instructors give presentations to local schools, and our Society of Physics Students has a strong outreach mission, as evidenced through their physics demos at Market Square in downtown Knoxville, their work with the MUSE Knoxville, and the annual Pumpkin Drop at Halloween.

West High School Physics Academy

West High School (WHS) Physics Academy program is dedicated to create communication between UT Physics faculty and WHS teachers and students. As part of the program, interested UT physics faculty members will present lectures at WHS classrooms. This will create a great opportunity for high school students to interact with physicists and to learn more about their research, and STEM fields in general. We hope that this program will motivate enough interest in students to join the UT undergraduate physics program.

April 8, 2021

Professor Soren Sorensen: What is Everything Made of?

April 16, 2021

Professor Anthony Mezzacappa: Einstein’s Relativity: Shattering our Everyday Notions of Time

April 22, 2021

Professor Kate Grzywacz-Jones: The Periodic Table’s Cosmic Origin Story

Previous West High School Physics Academy Lectures

Spring 2019

  • February 5: Professor Anthony Mezzacappa—Special Relativity
  • February 6: Professor Anthony Mezzacappa—General Relativity
  • February 26: Assistant Professor Maxim Lavrentovich

Spring 2018

  • February 1: Kranti Gunthoti—Static Electricity

Fall 2017

  • October 5: Assistant Professor Sowjanya Gollapinni—Particle Physics
  • October 5: Kranti Gunthoti—Electromagnetism
  • November 16: Professor Yuri Kamyshkov—Matter/Antimatter
  • November 17: Professor Anthony Mezzacappa —Special Relativity

Spring 2017

  • May 11: Professor Anthony Mezzacappa—Special Relativity

Fall 2016

  • November 2: Professor Anthony Mezzacappa, Assistant Professor Sowjanya Gollapinni, and Kranti Gunthoti—Physics and Society.
  • December 12: Assistant Professor Sowjanya Gollapinni—Neutrinos

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