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Distinguished Alumni Award

The Department of Physics and Astronomy established the Distinguished Alumni Award in 2004 as a means of recognizing exemplary graduates from our department. Honorees have distinguished themselves through noteworthy contributions to education, research, or industry and in doing so have brought honor and prestige to the department.

See background on our other departmental awards.

Bob Compton
Dr. Robert Compton

PhD, 1964
Honored in 2019
Citation: For his Seminal Contributions to Atomic and Molecular Physics; and Especially his Pioneering Studies of Non-linear Laser Spectroscopy, Multi-photon Ionization, and Multiply-charged Negative Ions

Won Namkung
Dr. Won Namkung

PhD, 1977
Honored in 2018
Citation: For Outstanding Contributions and Global Leadership in Accelerator Physics and Fusion Energy Research

Laszlo Adler
Dr. Laszlo Adler

PhD, 1969
Honored in 2017
Citation: For his Outstanding Contributions to Ultrasonics, Nondestructive Evaluation, and Materials Characterization

Glenn Young
Dr. Glenn Young

BA, 1973
Honored in 2016
Citation: For Outstanding Leadership in the Design and Construction of Large-Scale Nuclear Physics Experiments at ORNL, CERN, BNL, and JLab

Wanda Ferrell
Dr. Wanda Ferrell

PhD, 1985
Honored in 2015
Citation: In Recognition of Exemplary Leadership and Distinguished Service to Atmospheric Sciences and Climate Research

Mr. Warren Keller
Mr. Warren Keller

BS in Engineering Physics, 1953; MS in Physics, 1957
Honored in 2014
Citation: For His Leadership and Personal Contributions to Space Science at NASA through his Service as Program Manager for the Voyager and Hubble Space Telescope Programs and for Three Decades of Dedicated Service to the Total NASA Program

Bill Bugg
Dr. Bill Bugg

PhD, 1959
Honored in 2013
Citation: For His Leadership in the Creation of and Research with the UT Particle Physics Group Leading to Participation in Legendary Experiments at BNL, Fermilab, SLAC, LEP and LHC at CERN, KamLAND, and Others; and for His Service as Physics Department Head for 27 years

Gene Ray
Dr. Gene Ray

MS in Physics; PhD in Theoretical Physics, 1965
Honored in 2012
Citation: For His Innovative Contributions to Advanced Technology in National Security and His Outstanding Entrepreneurial Vision and Leadership

Richard Martin
Dr. Richard Martin

BS, Engineering Physics, 1964
Honored in 2011
Citation: For his Outstanding Career in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics and his Seminal Contributions to the Theory of the Electronic Structure of Solid Materials

Paul Huray
Dr. Paul Huray

BS, Engineering Physics, 1964; PhD, 1968
Honored in 2010
Citation: For Leadership in Establishing and Directing the Science Alliance and Building the Relationship with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, His Excellence in Teaching Physics, and His Research in Solid-State Physics

Jim Trolinger
Dr. Jim Trolinger

BS, Engineering Physics, 1963; PhD, 1967
Honored in 2009
Citation: For his Outstanding Contributions to the Fields of Laser Physics, Coherent Optics, and Holography, as well as the Successful Application of Lasers in Aerodynamics and Non-Destructive Inspection

Ed Arakawa
Dr. Ed Arakawa

BS, Engineering Physics, 1963; PhD, 1967 PhD, 1957
Honored in 2007
Citation: For His Outstanding Contributions to Optical Spectroscopy and Condensed Matter Physics; and for His Many Years of Service to Graduate Education through the Mentoring of Graduate Students Working at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Rufus Ritchie
Dr. Rufus Ritchie

PhD, 1959
Honored in 2005
Citation: For His Discovery of the Concept and Theory of Surface Plasmons and His Pioneering Contributions to the Theory of Energy Losses by Particles to Matter

Sam Hurst
Dr. Sam Hurst

PhD, 1959
Honored in 2005
Citation: For His Creative Contributions to the Interaction of Radiation with Matter, Development of Resonance Ionization Spectroscopy, and Entrepreneurship

Robert Talley
Dr. Robert Talley

PhD, 1950
Honored in 2004
Citation: For His Outstanding Contributions to the Infrared Technology Industry and His Extraordinary Dedication to the Students of our Department

Ray Murray
Dr. Ray Murray

MS, 1948; PhD, 1950
Honored in 2004
Citation: For His Exceptional Accomplishments in Cross-Disciplinary Physics and His Significant Contributions to Nuclear Engineering

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